Hi everyone!  Today I’m taking you to a wonderful place called :

BRYCE CANYON National Park, in Utah.

The erosional force of rainwater has shaped these pink rocks into this incredible landscape.

Bryce amphitheater is BREATHTAKING (that’s the new word to learn!), it absolutely takes your breath away.  No matter if you can stay for a week or a few hours only,  make sure to include Bryce Canyon into your trip.  I spent two days there and, believe me, I left a piece of my heart on those rocks.

Don’t miss the sunset, well, actually there is the “Sunset Point” -and I grant you there’s a reason why!-  just relax, take your time and enjoy the light, the colors, the silence.

On a clear day the visibility is amazing,  up to 100 miles.  After a while you can lose the sense of distances and proportion, so take a walk close to the rocks and realize how big they are (see how little I seem in this picture!!!)

After such a BREATHTAKING view you will certainly be hungry, so hurry up and find a place where you can have dinner before it’s too late:  restaurants close very early in the evening here in Utah!   For example I remember I had dinner at the Foster’s Family Steakhouse. Delicious! Give it a try!!


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  1. Nice one Marta!

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