“TIRED” – podcast episode #15 – transcript

Listen to episode #15 “TIRED” on iTunes or  here :  http://info40650.podomatic.com/entry/2011-09-20T10_34_37-07_00

This is the transcript :

M – Today we’re talking about being TIRED !

M – Hi Cindy! … Cindy? Are you awake?

C – What?…oh, I’m sorry, Marta I must have DOZED OFF for a second. What did you say?

M – I said ‘‘Hi Cindy!’’

C – (yawning) Excuse me, oh, Hi Marta…how are you today?

M – I’m fine, BRIGHT-EYED and BUSHY TAILED this morning, but what about you?

C – I’m sorry, girl. I am DRAGGING today! I’M BEAT!

M – What happened? Did you skip your morning CUP OF JOE?

C –Yes, I’ve had my coffee…although I could use another right now.

M – And what do you mean by saying you’re dragging and beat today? You look fine, well, a little tired, but you look alright to me?

C – You’re right, I guess those 2 words do sound pretty extreme! I just meant to say I’m very tired today! If someone says they’re ‘’dragging’’- it means they’re moving very slowly, dragging their feet.

M – As if to say they have no energy- THEIR BATTERIES ARE DRAINED.

C – Bingo.

M – And how about the word ‘’beat’’.

C – ‘’Beat’’ conveys that I am DEFEATED today, EXHAUSTED, I have NO ‘’GET UP AND GO’’ today.

M – Defeated, huh? Well, my friend, I know you don’t play sports…so are you defeated by one too many toasts at the bar last night?

C – No, no…I wasn’t drinking last night I swear!

M – So why are you in here looking like SOMETHING THE CAT DRAGGED IN?

C – Oh dear, do I look that bad? Thank goodness this is just a podcast- audio only!

M – I’m just joking. What have you been up to?

C – I’ve been up very late every night this week because we are remodeling my home office. The room needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL- new paint, new flooring, new furniture. Everything.

M – That’s a monster job, but it will be nice when it’s done.

C – (yawning…) Oh, if I live to see the end of it! Marta, I’m sorry to keep yawning.

M – Well, you need another coffee. Why don’t you RUN ALONG and come back later? I’ll HOLD DOWN THE FORT in the meantime.

C- The word ‘’Run’’ is not in my vocabulary today. OK, would you like a cup too?

M- No thanks, I’m good.

C- See you in a bit.

M- Oh wow, this is a really slow morning. Cindy’s exhausted. So who can I call for a PICK-ME-UP? Who’s always good for a laugh or two?

BARB – Y’all just shut the hell up!…Hello? Hello?

M – Hello Barb! This is Marta, Marta Innocenti.

B – Marta, is that you? It better be! This ain’t no dang ol’ telemarketer, is it? I swear, you all call me one more time, just one more time! I’m gonna fly on up there to New York City and open up a can o’ country whoopass on you Yankees like you never seen!!!! Who is this??

M – Barb, please stop yelling. It’s me, Marta Innocenti from ‘’my American friend’’, I just called to say hello.

B – Oh hey, Darlin. I’m sorry. How y’all doing?

M – We’re good, thank you for asking. So, what’s going on Barb? You sound STRESSED OUT this morning.

B – Oh Suge, you don’t know the half! I am beat! I got my grandchildren tearing the roof off the place, the hot water heater’s down broke, Harold (that’s my husband) done locked himself inside the car again and I been up running chickens since 3 o’clock this morning.

M – I’m sorry, Barb. So you had a lot of deliveries to make this morning? We should remind everyone that you’re a truck driver,

B – …a tired truck driver…

M- a tired truck driver who delivers chicken from the factory to area supermarkets. And you’ve been awake since 3am?

B – Yup, it was ‘’RISE AND SHINE’’ this morning with a 3a.m. with a wake up call.…

M – Oh my goodness, that’s early!

B – and now I got to go down to the store and unlock Harold from the car…again…second time this week!

M – He’s inside the car? Well, why can’t he just push the unlock button?

B – Oh honey, we been through this before. You all know Harold’s dumb as a box of hair!

M – I’m sorry Barb, I hope your day gets better real soon. Be sure to HIT THE HAY early tonight so you’ll BE UP AND AT’ EM first thing tomorrow morning.

B – Ugh, that’s Harold now! Lord grant me patience! … Harold it’s the lock button! I know it’s says lock on it! you press it again and the door’s gonna open! I swear! same thing as yesterday! … Marta, darling, I got to go! Lord, this man’s gonna send me to an early grave!

M – Ok, Barb. Good luck. You’d better go rescue him.

B – Oh, he’s fine. He’s got a 6 pack of beer under the seat. I keep one there for the next time, just in case I can’t get to him right quick. Y’all come see us, darlin! Bye!

M – Ok!

B – Leave the Yankee at home!

M – All right, Barb!

B – Hey, y’all listen to My American Friend !

M – All right, everyone, thank you very much for listening, and remember that you can find us on podomatic.com martainnocenti.com on facebook on twitter and on iTunes. And a big Hello to all our new friends listening from Russia, Australia and Tasmania, China, Ghana and Thailand. And of course to our old friends as well. Thank you very much for listening, bye bye!!


DOZED OFF : To fall asleep. Example: I was so tired last night that I “dozed off” at 8pm, a whole two hours earlier than my normal bedtime!

BRIGHT-EYED & BUSHY TAILED: To be very awake, alert and vibrant first thing in the morning. Example: You’re looking “bright-eyed and bushy tailed’’ this morning! Why is that? Answer: Because I dozed off very early last night! I slept for 10 hours and I feel great today!

DRAGGING: 1.) to pull something behind you. Example: A child can drag a toy or a wagon behind him. 2.) To be exhausted, no energy, moving slowly. Example: I am “dragging” today because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.


CUP OF JOE: a cup of coffee

THEIR BATTERIES ARE DRAINED- no energy left, to be tired

NO ‘’GET UP AND GO’’- no enthusiasm or motivation

to look like SOMETHING THE CAT DRAGGED IN: This expression has many meanings but basically means to be disheveled looking, beaten up, rough or to have a hangover.

PICK-ME-UP: Something that raises spirits, energy level, enthusiasm. You can get a ‘’pick me up” from a cup of coffee, good music, a movie or just talking to someone you enjoy, a person who is a lot of fun or a motivator. Many things can act as a “pick me up”.

STRESSED OUT- Feeling a lot of stress, very nervous, under a lot of pressure, unhappy. Example: I’m really stressed out right now because I am studying for my final exams. He’s really stressed out right now while going through a painful divorce. This new job is stressing her out.

‘’RISE AND SHINE’’: to wake up. Example: Rise and shine, my dear! School starts today!

HIT THE HAY: To go to bed/fall asleep. Example: You had better “hit the hay” early this evening because you have an early flight to catch tomorrow morning.

BE “UP AND AT’ EM” – Commonly used slang meaning to wake up and approach the day (or a task) with enthusiasm. Example: Come on! Up and at’ em, you’re going to be late for your first day of school!

COMPLETE OVERHAUL- When something needs to be completely redone, remodeled, or reconstructed. Example: This house is so old and damaged, it needs a complete overhaul. Or “My dad bought an antique car, but it’s really a piece of junk. It’s so old and it needs a complete overhaul!

RUN ALONG: To go away. Example: “Kids, you’re being too noisy! I’m on the phone- run along and play in the garden so I can finish my phone call in peace and quiet!

HOLD DOWN THE FORT : To take care of things, keep them under control. Example: You go ahead and enjoy your vacation. Everything will be fine, I’ll “hold down the fort” in the office until you get back.’’

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