SANIBEL island – Florida


Sanibel offers you everything you dream of when you think of a tropical island lost in the middle of the ocean: white sand, blue water, palm trees and wonderful sunsets.  But it’s just a short ride from Fort Myers, Florida.

You get there on a toll bridge.  Uh, wait a minute, that’s a word to learn when driving around the States : TOLL.  A toll bridge is a bridge over which you may pass upon payment of a fee, a TOLL.   You also pay a toll to the toll keeper when you get to the toll booth / toll station if you drive on a toll road / a tollway.

Ok, now, let’s go back to wonderful Sanibel island.  You pay a toll to drive on the toll bridge that takes you there (I paid 6 $ a couple of years ago) but it’s totally worth it !

On Sanibel shores you will find an incredible number of sea shells.  You will be surprised to see people constantly walk on the beach collecting colorful shells of any kind. They walk, stop, stoop over and pick up the shells they choose among thousands of them.   This stance, this posture is called : “the Sanibel stoop” !

There are shops selling shells too.  I bought some shells in a shop called “She sells sea shells”.

Wow, it sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it?

Let me end this post with the welcoming sign on one of Sanibel beaches:

“Enjoy, don’t destroy.”

” Leave nothing on beach but footprints.”


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  1. Hey all
    check out the song “Sanibel” by CSN&Y (1999). It’s a very “easy” song, but it does a good job at conveying the simple beauty of this island.

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