16.1 INTRODUCE YOURSELF 2 – podcast episode #16.1 – transcript

Hello everybody!  How are you doing?  Here’s a new short episode for you.

You can listen to this episode #16.1 on iTunes or here http://info40650.podomatic.com/entry/2011-10-20T14_52_59-07_00

Then read the transcript.   Bye! Marta


M – Hello everyone! Again, I’m on my own here, Cindy is still traveling around the States. I can’t wait for her to be back!

So, have you guys already checked our blog at www.myamericanfriendblog.com ? We wait for your comments and suggestions.

Now, let’s go back to episode number 16, about how to introduce yourself. We received a lot of feedback about that, so here’s a very short new episode, a follow-up.

Some of you commented that local accents can be very difficult to understand, and, well, you’re right. So, here’s a new accent for you: let me take you far away, to Hawaii. Wow, I wish I was there right now…anyway, let’s listen to our friend Leon !

Leon : Alright… aloha! My name is Leon Fabricius, I’m originally from an island called Samoa, which is about 2600 miles down South-West of islands of Hawaii. I’ve been living in Hawaii for about 8 years right now. I came here for college, I attended the university of Brigham Young up in Utah, Provo, and I ended up living in Hawaii. I’m currently working in the tourism industry and what I do is a tour director. I coordinate all the hotels, flights, pick-ups from the hotels and, of course, our activities with our groups that actually travel with us for 15 days. The reason why I chose Hawaii to live here is because kind of remind me of back home, in Samoa, the sun and everything, the beach, people, hospitality and everything, and I really enjoy the smiles and everything. And a lot of the things I do like is pretty much playing a lot of sports, like rugby is my favorite sport, second of all is basketball and third would be volleyball. I also enjoy meeting a lot of different people from different parts of the world; I met a person from Italy, which is Laura, and that’s very awesome to meet someone from that country but, anyway, I just wanna say that I really enjoy here in Hawaii. I hope you guys will …you know…get a chance and make your way on this side and join us. All right! Mahalo!

M – Leon, trust me, everyone would like to join you in that paradise called Hawaii !!! Well listeners, I know it might have been difficult, so make sure to read the transcript of this episode, ok?

Good, now let’s get in contact with Cindy. Cindy, can you hear me?

C – Hi Marta, yes, I can hear you quite well. How are you?

M – I’m fine, but I miss you, come back soon Cindy!

C – Yes, my time in the States is coming to a close now, I’ll be back in Italy next week, so get the coffee pot ready !

M – Ok ! I know you have another special guest for us, a friend of yours introducing himself.

C – Everybody, I’d like to introduce you to our friend Omar, a bright young man, with an incredible future ahead of him.

Omar : Hi everybody, my name is Omar. I am currently 17 years old- and ladies, it won’t be for long. I have lived in North Carolina for 7 years. I came from Mexico when I was 10 years old, not knowing a single word in English. Having to adapt to a different culture and learning a whole new language was a big challenge. But after attending school for a year and taking a class of ESL (English as a Second Language) helped me find my way. With the help of friends, teachers and the involvement with the community that I have helped me to become fluent. Last year, I graduated from high school. I’m now attending a community college, earning my Associates in Arts. My goal is to one day become a lawyer on Criminal and Immigration Law. In my spare time, I’m a professional dancer and a computer technician. Well, I hope that you enjoyed to listening to my American experience…hasta luego…so long.

M – Great, thanks a lot to Omar and Leon for joining us here at My American Friend ! Cindy, I’ll see you very soon, right?

C – Now Marta, don’t forget : our big Halloween party is coming up at the end of the month !

M – Yeah!

C – Are you ready?

M – Of course!

C – Do you have a costume yet?

M – Sure!

C – I’m bringing back a suitcase filled with spooky creepy things, it’s gonna be a lot of fun !

M – I’m sure about that!

C – I’ll see you soon dear, bye everyone!

M – Bye Cindy!

M – That’s it for now, folks, we’ll be back very soon with a full episode.

I want to thank a few of you for writing on our facebook page : Myrna, Letizia, Zana, Maria, Laura, Angela, Tatsuro, Reza, Mohannad, Viswashakti, Irem, Shin San, Henrietta. And I also want to thank all the people that are following us through a Russian website called lingualeo.ru thank you very much.

Ok, don’t forget to read the transcript and don’t forget to come visit us at www.myamericanfriendblog.com I’ll see you there. Bye Bye!

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