20 HOMESICK – podcast episode 20 – transcript

Hello! Have you ever felt HOMESICK ? This is what our new episode is about. You can find it on iTunes as usual or here :  


And here’s the transcript!  Enjoy!  Marta

(a big thank you to our guest Todd!!!!)


M: Today we’re talking about being ”Homesick!”

M: Cindy, can you explain briefly what it means to behomesick”?

C: Sure, very simply- being homesick just means that you miss your home.

M: So it doesn’t mean that you are physically ill?

C: No, not at all. You may feel sad though, or depressed because you miss your family & friends. Or you may even miss speaking your own language or the every day customs & foods from your homeland.

M: I think a lot of our listeners may identify with this episode.

C: You’re right, Marta. I’m sure that many listeners around the world have left their home countries to work or study abroad. Or they may have left home in search of a better quality of life.

M: Or for love? I think you know something about it, Cindy?

C: As a matter of fact I do! My husband is Italian and we live in Italy. But I return to America a few times a year to ward off any homesickness I may feel.

M: So, since you’re away from home what are a couple of things you are longing for?

C: Oh wow, so many! How much time do we have?

M: Not much, so move it along, dear.

C: Okay…um…I’m nostalgic for the good old days when I lived in the country. I miss having space around me. I miss my fields and trees and the deer grazing outside my door.

M: Anything else?

C: Well, cooking in Italy is a great pleasure, but I do miss some of the foods from the US. Primarily good, fresh seafood like Maine lobsters, cherrystone clams -those are the small ones- or oysters. Oh, and fresh crabs- I miss crabs.

M: Food is probably one of most common reasons for ”homesickness”, isn’t it?

C: I think so. Food, Family and Friends- the three ”F’s!

M. Well, Cindy let’s go over the words and expressions we’ve used meaning ”to miss home”.

C: Okay, first thing. The word HOMESICK, that means you’re away from your home (for some reason) and you’re feeling sad.

M: …and to ”LONG FOR” something also means that you miss something.

C: Right, for example, ”My husband has been working overseas for 3 months. I miss him and I’m longing to see him again.”

M: How dramatic! Is this true?

C: No, he’s at home working the basement right now.

M: Ok, and to feel NOSTALGIC FOR something means to remember something from your past with fondness and good memories.

C: And let me add this one: to DAYDREAM . It means to dream or rather fantasize while you are fully awake. Marta what do you daydream about on these cold winter days?

M: Florida ! F l o r i d a !!!! I’d better stop daydreaming and move to Miami. I’ve had enough of this cold weather. Anyway, now, everyone, we have a new guest visiting with us today.

C- Fantastic! Who is it?

M- Our friend Todd from San Diego, California!

TODD:  Hey Everyone,
My name is Todd Allen, I am from Ramona, California, which is a small town about an hour drive from downtown San Diego. Right now, I am involved in two music projects: one here in Italy, which is an alternative metal band called ‘Klogr’ and one punk rock band with friends from home called ‘Beside Myself’. If you are interested in either types of music please visit
www.klogr.net, and for the punk rock band : www.besidemyself.org.
I have been here in Italy, living in Carpi, Modena since late February. I arrived in what I now know was the coldest time of the year. Being from San Diego, that right there was a huge change. Not to mention the huge change of being without a car and being in a small town where English is not as common as in places such as Rome or Milan. I have come to see so many similarities between Italy and the United States so at times I feel very comfortable here.. that is until I have to do something that is usually so easy for me to do in the United States, such as go to the hardware store or even the supermarket. I have had to come to rely on myself much more because of the language barrier, asking questions is usually not an option.
daydream constantly about Mexican food or a traditional American breakfast, which is a pretty ridiculous thing to think about all the time. I miss things that I took for granted, like being able to take a long drive, blasting music and go anywhere I would please.
I am sure I will miss many things from Italy, but right now, all I can think of is returning to see my family and all those beaches that I miss. I am thankful for all the kind people I have met here and all those that have taken time with me and my lack of Italian language. Thanks, Marta for having me on your show and good luck to all of you with improving your English. I hope I helped. Bye.

M: Thanks, Todd! have a safe trip back to California!

C: What a nice guy! Thanks, Todd! I agree with Todd- I miss Mexican food too !

C – Thanks for listening everyone and before we go we have a few very special people to thank and please forgive us if we mispronounce your names.

M – Ok, a few people following us on podomatic.com : Niskar, Brigitta, Zahid, Hanene, Didem, Tiong, Zahra.

C – And from facebook, thank you Kamala, Hersh, Helena, Gina, Kiki, Harriet, Silvana, Lama, Mohanned, Ninaa and Crystal.

M – And from twitter: Marcela and Leon.

M – So, everyone, come visit us on www.myamericanfriendblog.com where you can also read the transcript of this episode. Ok, see you very soon with a new episode. Bye bye!

C – Thanks for listening, everyone! Bye bye!


HOMESICK : that means you’re away from your home and you’re feeling sad

to ”LONG FOR” something : it means that you miss something, you can’t wait to have it /see it again.

to feel NOSTALGIC FOR something : it means to remember something from your past with fondness and good memories.

to DAYDREAM : it means to dream or rather fantasize while you are fully awake. 

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