9.1 MAKE THE MOST – podcast episode 9.1 – transcript

Hello! How to make the most of the episodes of our podcast? This is our special new episode on iTunes or here :


And here’s the transcript!  Enjoy!  Marta


Marta – This is a special episode!

Cindy – We want to give you an example of how you can MAKE THE MOST of the episodes of our podcast. It shouldn’t be just about listening and reading the transcript: whenever you learn some new words and expressions you need to use them right away.

M – Some would say: IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT.

C – That’s it!

M – Ok, let’s use our episode number 9, about how to express your likes and dislikes.

C – We’ve used a lot of expressions there, let’s revise them.

M – Ok. Likes.

C – To be crazy about, to be nuts about, to be addicted to, you can say that something looks or sounds good, that something drives you crazy.

M – And in British English: to fancy, to be keen on, to be fond of. Now, dislikes?

C – You can say that something bugs you or annoys you, that something does not appeal to you, that something drives you up the wall. Or you can say that you can’t stand, can’t bear, can’t put up with something. Let’s see…What else? To be fed up with, to be sick of, or to be tired of.

M – Great, but, as we said, if you don’t use it you lose it.

C – Right. The best thing you can do to remember these new expressions is to use them in order to talk about yourself. So, listeners, write down your personal “likes & dislikes list” using each and every one of these new expressions.

M – I did the same thing with my class at school.
C – That’s great. Let’s listen to what your Italian students had to say about themselves.

Letizia: Hi, this is Letizia. I’m a huge fan of 30 Seconds To Mars. I’m addicted to marshmallows! I’m sick and tired of horror movies.

Anna : Hello! This is Anna. I fancy dancing: I attend a folk dance course. I’m fed up with always being in a hurry.

Ilaria : Hi, my name’s Ilaria. I’m crazy about shopping and I enjoy going on holiday. I can’t stand jealous people.

Claudia : Hello! This is Claudia. I’m fond of walking in the park with my husband on sunny days. I can’t stand cold weather!

Adelmo: Hello, my name is Adelmo. I’m a VJ and I’m nuts about music. I like studying English, but grammar drives me up the wall !

Giulia : Hi everybody! My name is Giulia. I’m keen on traveling and visiting new places. I’m not really into weekend getaways, because I enjoy taking my time.

Laura : Hi ! My name’s Laura. I adore the quiet of the wild open landscapes, where I feel free and at ease. People who show off really annoy me.

C – Well done, guys, great job!

M – Let me thank them for being our guests. This is the intermediate class of my course called “ENGLISH AMPLIFIER”. The school is Ideas in Action, in my hometown, Imola. (www.ideasinaction.it)

C – Ok, listeners, now it’s your turn, write your likes and dislikes list. And make sure to use these new expressions. If you feel like sharing your list with us, you know where to find us, don’t you?

M – www.myamericanfriendblog.com and also on facebook, twitter, iTunes, podomatic.com

C – Thank you for listening, bye bye

M – Bye!

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