4 DATING – podcast episode 4 – transcript

Hello! Are you ready for VALENTINE’S DAY ? Let’s listen to our episode number 4,  it’s about DATING.

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And here’s the transcript!  See you soon!  Marta


M – In this episode we’re going to talk about DATING !

C -We’ve chosen a spicy topic this time, haven’t we?

M – Well, you know, I was wondering : what do you study a foreign language for?

C – To improve your career maybe, for doing business abroad, but also we study foreign languages in order to travel around the world and meet new and exciting people.

M – Exactly, new people you get to know and you may feel like dating. New people you may even start a relationship with. By the way, does that sound familiar to you?

C – Yeah, it does, my husband is Italian, but he could speak English well enough to ASK ME OUT ON A DATE !

M – Actually GOING ON A DATE with someone who speaks a different language is not that easy, so, listeners we are going to help you!

C – Today we’re going to use a lot of words and expressions about dating, make sure to read the transcript of this episode by downloading it on your iPod or by visiting our page on podomatic.com that’s spelled p o d o m a t i c : the transcription includes the list of all the specific words and idioms about dating with relevant explanations.

M – All right. Cindy, let’s say that I am to date an American guy, like, I don’t know, Jon Bon Jovi.

C – oh, You picked a good one!

M – Well, it could happen sooner or later! And we may need to listen to some New Jersey accent, so Jon, we’d be glad to have you here!

C – Yes, Jon Bon Jovi, If you feel like being our guest on any future episodes, you’re more than welcome!

M – Oh, Cindy, I think we’d better explain this one to our listeners. To feel like doing something.

C – It’s a very common expression. It means : to be in the mood for doing something. An example of a conversation could be : What do you feel like doing tonight? I’m tired, I don’t feel like going out. I feel like watching a DVD on the sofa.

M – and do you remember that song : “don’t feel like dancing, dancing..”

C – yeah, that’s it.

M – All right, now let’s go back to dating. Jon is waiting for me.

C – Shall we start from “pick-up lines” ? You know, those sentences you say in order to “break the ice” and start a conversation with someone.

M – All right. Shoot !

C – Ok, let me give you a few examples of common ice-breakers. You can use :

I think I’ve seen you before… do you come here often? haven’t we met before?

would you like to dance / take a walk / have a drink ?

do you have a lighter/cigarette? could you tell me what time it is? I really like your….whatever

M – and if the ice-breaker is successful…

C – …and you HIT IT OFF , meaning you’re compatible and you GET ALONG WELL …

M – then someone will make the first move!

C – and ask the other out on a date. The ideal dating situation is when you know who you’re going out with, but this is not always the case in a BLIND DATE.

M – what’s a blind date

C – the dreaded blind date! This is a source of great pain or pleasure! A blind date is when a friend arranges the date for you with someone they feel is a good match for you. That is to SET SOMEONE UP on a blind date. But don’t worry if it’s not love at first sight and you have nothing in common with the person you have been set up with, make a polite excuse, GO DUTCH and go home in separate cars.

M – oh, and going Dutch means….

C – each person pays for their own meal.

M – But there are other ways to meet new people nowadays.

C – Yes, many people meet on-line in chat rooms. Or through dating services and speed dating, personal ads in the newspapers. Whatever method you choose just take your time, be careful, really know who you’re going out with.

M – and also be sure that you both have the same intentions, that you’re looking for the same level of commitment in the relationship.

C – or someone could have their heart broken. For example you wouldn’t pair a WOMANIZER with a woman who wants to settle down and start a family. That would be a lose lose situation, that means both sides would be at a disadvantage.

M – and they should break up and CALL IT QUITS. That means end the relationship.

C – and one more thing about ending a relationship: to DUMP. To dump someone means to drop someone, to throw them away. For example: “he was dumped” means he wasn’t let down easily. And, people, don’t ever dump anyone via text message, that’s kind of rude, or even worse …through facebook!

M – how about to TURN SOMEONE DOWN? What does that mean?

C – to turn someone down means to refuse a date or a dance. For example : Marta, because we are friends, if Jon Bon Jovi asked me out on a date I would turn him down.

M – Really?

C – No, you’re right. I’d say yes. But don’t worry, I’d stand him up.

M – stand him up?

C – yeah, to STAND SOMEONE UP means to arrange a date and then blow it off. We agree on a time and a place, but then one person doesn’t show or call to cancel.

M – oh, I see. Anyway, Cindy, don’t worry, if Jon calls me we can arrange for a DOUBLE DATE, and you can invite whoever you want.

C – Oh, that’s a great idea, I could take your husband for example!

M – hey, wait a minute, we’re just kidding here, I’m not having an AFFAIR with Jon Bon Jovi.

C – you just have a crush on him and you’re just flirting with the idea!

M – yeah, HAVING A CRUSH ON someone, that’s useful for you listeners! Take notes!

C – There’s no other feeling like it ! Remember when you first met that special someone you were NUTS about? And the feeling of BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR TUMMY ?

M – Oh, love!

C – Marta have you written any songs about love?

M – Hundreds!

C – Can you sing us out on this podcast? Can you do us the honor?

M – I’d be happy to, but first let me remind our listeners about our websites. You can find us on PODOMATIC.COM and on martainnocenti.com and of course on iTunes.

C – and you can easily reach us on facebook on the ‘my American friend – podcast” page. Come visit us! We welcome your comments and suggestions. Otherwise we’ll feel like you’re not that into us. And we’d really like to have a second date.

M – Thank you for listening! See you next time!

C – and folks I give you the beautiful Marta Innocenti…

M – don’t make me blush!

C – they can’t see you, it’s a podcast!


DATING : when two people are romantically involved

TO GO ON A DATE : to meet someone at a scheduled time and place usually with romantic intentions

TO ASK SOMEONE OUT : to invite someone on a date

TO HIT IT OFF / TO GET ALONG WELL : to be compatible

BLIND DATE : an arranged date between two people who have never met before

TO SET SOMEONE UP : to introduce one person to another

TO GO DUTCH : every person pays for their own meal/entertainment

WOMANIZER : a man who enjoys chasing lots of women

CALL IT QUITS : to end something

TURN SOMEONE DOWN : to refuse, to deny

STAND SOMEONE UP : to abandon a date without notification first

DOUBLE DATE : two couples on a date together

AFFAIR : a relationship outside of a committed union

TO HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE : to be attracted to someone

TO FEEL BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR TUMMY : nervous excitement at the prospect of new love


Song: “Partner in Crime”, written and performed by Marta Innocenti.

For any additional information visit www.martainnocenti.com , or the acoustic duo website www.12n.biz

The lyrics:


We’re the king and the queen of the view we can see from the balcony

of the sunset on the hills, of a milky way ceiling

we’ve been feeding a dream

and we know what it means to sweat for each step

well we made it happen in the end oh yeah!

Yes Man! I’m your Girlfriend

I’m the Best Friend that you ever had

Yes Man, that’s right, I’m your Partner in Crime

I’m the mirror you need to remind you the warrior you can be

I’m the music that you hear with a speedy heartbeat

And the road’s getting clearer riding together the same motorbike

We keep playing all the keys, both black and white oh yeah!

Yes I will never forget the whisper of death

In that room of the hospital

But we painted the walls with the colours of love

Cause we knew : ‘OMNIA VINCIT AMOR’

and bad weather may come and the angels may fall

Oh, we got each other !

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