No, I’m not going to talk about the skyscrapers, the museums, or any famous landmarks.  I want to talk about the SUBWAY.
In Europe you’d call it the Underground, in London the “Tube”,  here in the States it’s the SUBWAY.

When visiting a big city, the subway is often cheaper than many other means of transport  and in my opinion it’s really interesting because you get to observe fragments of everyday life for regular people, living and working in New York City.

It gives you the chance to practice the language as well:  you need to plan your trips, to study the maps,  to ask for information, to keep an eye on the signs and listen for announcements.


Nowadays you can find on line anything you need to know about the subway.  As per New York go visit the MTA website (Metropolitan Transportation Authority).

You can check the FARES (prices) and decide to buy a METRO CARD, for example.

Buying your tickets is very easy, you will find TICKET MACHINES at every STATION.

Then, follow the signs that lead you to the LINE you need to use, get to the PLATFORM, take your train and when necessary be ready for TRANSFERS on different lines in order to reach your destination.

Don’t miss this station:

14th Street – Eighth Avenue,

where you can bump into these cute sculptures by Tom Otterness (Life Underground),
which reminded me that long time ago people had to buy TOKENS for their trips in the subway,  there was no on line payments or prepaid cards!


See you soon,   Marta

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