25 ANNIVERSARY – podcast episode 25 – transcript

you can listen to the episode on iTunes or here:



M – We’re back !

C – Yes, we are! We’ve survived the snow, the flu and sub-zero temperatures! And now we’re happy to close the door on old man winter and welcome spring with open arms.

M – I love March!

C – …and this particular March is very special, isn’t it?

M – Yes it is!

C – Happy Anniversary, Marta!

M – Happy Anniversary Cindy!

C – the “my American friend” podcast has just reached its one year anniversary.

M – “My American friend” has evolved so much over just one year. First, the podcast, then the blog, facebook, twitter and now…

C – Drum roll please..

M – …a brand new YOUTUBE CHANNEL !

C – Come check us out everyone. Go to youtube and type in myamericanfriendblog. No spaces, all one word.

M – We’d be happy if you celebrated with us our first anniversary by promoting “my American friend” on facebook, or twitter, or youtube and on your blog pages as well.

C – Your donations and support help us to make the “my American friend” podcast better than ever.

M – And in fact, a very special thank you to Fede and Jaroslaw who used the DONATE BUTTON on www.myamericanfriendblog.com

C – Marta, we’ve recently been contacted by some of our listeners about PRIVATE LESSONS via SKYPE and we would be happy to help you too. Just send us an e-mail at : myAmericanfriendpodcast@gmail.com

M – Right, and for those of you who are on podomatic.com, show your love by pushing the “we want more” button. Thank you.

C – We have a new episode in the works now about American holidays, available for download in just a few days. See you soon everyone!

M – Happy anniversary!


for private lessons via SKYPE contact us at :












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