HOTELS in the US (Marta’s Road Book #4)


Hotels in the States are usually less expensive than in Europe.
I often travel on a budget and I’ve always been able to find big double rooms for two people at about $50 per night, including a free continental breakfast, free parking, high-speed internet connection, satellite TV and a swimming pool. For that price, where I live in Italy, what you would get is a small room with a bathroom to share along the hallway!

Here’s a few words you may need when making your hotel reservation:
COMPLIMENTARY, that means included in the price. For example: “this hotel offers complimentary breakfast every morning until 9.30”
KING & QUEEN : a king-size bed is a very big bed (about 2 m wide and long), while a queen-size bed is a little smaller, but still very comfortable.
The average hotel room in the USA is bigger than in Europe: for example here I was in a double queen room, and as you can see there is a lot of space left even with 2 queen beds in the room.
I usually choose this kind of hotel, where you can park your car right in front of the door of your room and where there’s a swimming pool to relax in.

When checking in you will probably be asked to leave your credit card details as a guarantee, no matter if your room was prepaid on line. Some hotels may even place a hold for a certain amount of money on your credit card, just in case you damage or steal something, or you have further expenses during your stay; but don’t worry, the hold will only remain on your card until you check out.

Be sure to ask ”What time is check-out?’‘ so that you will depart on time and don’t incur any further charges.

See you soon!

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