30 GET – podcast episode 30 – transcript

This time our episode is about the verb “GET” and expressions like: to get bored, to get on board, to get started, etc.

Here’s the transcript.

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M: Today we’re talking about some uses for the word “get

C: That’s a great idea! We use ”get” for everything. We could go on and on about this one.

M: Cindy, We can’t go on and on- our listeners will GET BORED, GET IT?

 C: Ok, ok…I GET IT.

 M: Now, before we GET STARTED, can you GET a bottle of water from the fridge?

 C: What? I DIDN’T GET THAT….Lean in towards the mic- I didn’t hear you.

 M: …oh sorry…can you GET a bottle of water from the fridge?

 C: Ok, I GOT that. Did you GET both natural and sparkling water at the store today?

 M: Yeah, I GOT both.

 C: Good, I can’t stand it when you only GET the sparkling water. Ugh, how can you drink that stuff?

 M: Cindy, it’s good! You just don’t GET it…it’s refreshing! Try it!

C: Throw a shot of gin in there with a slice of lemon and we’ll talk.

M: We have an agreement: No alcohol during recording sessions.

C: Barb drinks during recordings.

M: She’s an exception.

C: You’re just afraid of GETTING your ass kicked by her.

M: That too.

C: Ok, let’s GET BACK TO BUSINESS now…we’ve used the verb ”get” quite a few times, 16 to be exact.

M: …right! …and we haven’t explained a single one!

C: Alright, let’s start from the beginning. For example, if I were to say “Marta, we have to leave the studio at 12 sharp today, we can’t be late. twelve sharp. GET IT?” When I ask her ”Get it?” that means ”do you understand?”

M: And I can simply answer ”GOT IT!” that means ”I understand!”

C: And what about expressions like ”TO GET BORED…TO GET ANGRY…TO GET FRUSTRATED” ?

M: That means to become bored, angry, frustrated…etc…

C: And to ”GET STARTED” that means to begin something. Marta, wasn’t there a famous song by the Black Eyed Peas called ”Let’s Get it Started?”

M: Yes, very famous.

C: And when you asked me to ”get” a bottle of water from the fridge…

M: That means to take a bottle from the fridge.


M: Cindy, just remind us again quickly of how you could use ”get” in a restaurant setting.

C: Ok, and if anyone would like to review that was from Episode # 5 about “Restaurants”. In a restaurant situation, your server may ask ”WHAT CAN I GET YOU TO DRINK? That means ‘‘what would you like to drink?” Or they may ask ”What can I get to start you off with today?”

M: that’s more confusing!

C: ”WHAT CAN I GET TO START YOU OFF WITH TODAY?” usually means ”What would you like for an appetizer or starter? That’s the first dish you would eat in a restaurant.

M: In Italian it’s called ”antipasto”

C: Now I’m hungry and distracted!


C: I know, I know but it’s so hard today. I just CAN’T GET GOING this morning. We’ve just returned from a long weekend in Naples, Italy.

M: Oh, did you get some great authentic pizza while you were there?

C: We had some phenomenal pizza! And if anyone would like the name and address of a fantastic pizza restaurant we’ll have it posted at the end of this transcript.

M: So that’s why you’re not on board this morning! Too much pizza! Right?

C. Too much pizza- exactly! And what about the expression ”TO GET ON BOARD” that means to be in agreement, to cooperate, to join in, to partner with…

M: Give us an example of “to get on board”.

C: Gladly…Nearly 2 years ago, Marta had this great idea for an advanced English language podcast and she wanted to call it “my American friend”. She asked me ”TO GET ON BOARD” and here we are 1 year and 35 episodes later!

M: I’m happy you decided to GET ON BOARD!

C: Me too! It’s been a lot fun!

M: which reminds me, are you free to record next week?

C: hmm, most likely yes, but I’ll have to check my schedule and GET BACK TO YOU.

M: sounds good to me, but be sure to GET BACK TO ME and confirm before this weekend.

C: Ok, will do. Well, Marta I think we’re finished for today. I hope everyone found this topic useful?

M: I hope you didn’t GET BORED with us!

C: Thanks for listening everybody! Come visit us on www.myamericanfriendblog.com where you can GET all the transcripts to present and past episodes.

M – We’d like to take a moment to thank some very special people who have contacted us on our facebook page: Jaroslaw, Sergio Leon, Letizia, Nicolas, Maria, Lenka, Graham, Gertraud, Angela, Giuseppe, Roberto, Reza, Marigona, Daria, Jessica, Laura.

C – And thanks to our many followers on Twitter and especially Mélia Miranda and Bettina. Huge thanks to our brand new subscribers on our brand new youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/myAmericanfriendblog

And as always, a special thank you to Igor, Nastya and Ann.

M – Thank you for listening, bye bye!


 Common phrases using the word “get”

(special note: there are soooo many more phrases using the word “get”- we’ve only just scratched the surface! 🙂

-That song always gets to me. I cry every time i hear it. = The song makes me feel emotional, sentimental.

-She/He gets to me. I can’t stand her/him= This person is irritating, annoying.

-He’s getting on my nerves, he won’t shut up.= He’s annoying me, he won’t stop talking.

-He gets my sense of humour. We always laugh a lot when we’re togther.= He understands my particular sense of humour.

-Get over it= Forget about it. Forgive. Don’t let it continue to annoy/bother/anger/irritate you.

-Get out (expression has two meanings)

1. To leave

2. You’re joking!

EXAMPLE: I just won the lottery! ANSWER: Get out! No you didn’t! You’re just as broke as I am!

-Get up = Wake up or stand up. EXAMPLE: to get up out of a chair. To get up at 7 o’clock.

-Get your act together= Shape up. Improve yourself. Become organized. EXAMPLE: You are on the verge of being kicked out of school because of bad grades. You really need to get your act together and start studying.

-Get it right, get it wrong= to give a right or wrong answer. EXAMPLE: the game show contestant has only one answer left to give! If she gets it right she will win the prize. Is she gets it wrong she will go home with nothing.


…and here’s an excellent pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy for everyone to enjoy! 🙂

Pizzeria “Vesi”

Via S. Biagio dei Librai 115

Naples, Italy

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