CALIFORNIA -Visitor Centers- (Marta’s Road Book #6)


Hi everybody!


I’ve just come home after a wonderful vacation in and around San Francisco and northern California.


During this trip I realized once again how helpful Visitor Centers are.


When visiting a national park for example remember to stop by at the VISITOR CENTER, where the park RANGERS will help you to plan your visit and make the most of your time there.

Guide books and websites can’t compare to a conversation with a ranger who knows that park inside and out, plus it’s a great opportunity for you to practice the language!


Visitor centers also sell the TRAVEL ITEMS that you may need during your visit, such as reusable water bottles, caps, batteries, and so on.

Buying your souvenirs and gifts at the visitor center is also a good way to support that park.


When driving around California you will see these signs guiding you to one of the many CALIFORNIA WELCOME CENTERS where you will be given maps and any kind of information for free.
Not to mention the refreshments and the clean restrooms that you will surely appreciate after driving around for hours!  🙂


For example, I stopped by at the Welcome Center in Merced because I had heard on the radio of some construction works on the road that could have delayed my trip the following day.
The welcome center assistant made a few phone calls right away, provided me with all the details and I planned my trip accordingly. It was so easy.
Then we ended up chatting about California and all of those beautiful places that don’t make it into the guide books. She was really nice and helpful. I had a great time talking with her.
That’s why it’s called “Welcome center”, it makes you feel Welcome and willing to come back in the future.


So my travel tip for your next trip to the States is :

wherever you go, make sure to stop by at a Visitor Center, talk to the assistant, ask questions and practice the language!

Take care,

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