33 DEPRESSION AND JOY- podcast episode 33 – transcript

This episode is about DEPRESSION and JOY! Expressions like: being on top of the world, grinning from ear to ear, a buzzkill…

Are you depressed or are you joyful?

All the best, Marta

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M- Today we’re talking about DEPRESSION & JOY.

MARTA- Cindy, how are you today?

CINDY- I’m feeling kind of depressed today, Marta.

M- Depressed? You’re depressed?

C- …Yes, Marta…you don’t know what depressed means?? It means gloomy, melancholy, sad.

M- Yes, I know, but why in the world are you feeling gloomy, melancholy, sad, depressed? Why?

C- I don’t know… it’s just so depressing out there. I’ve been listening to the news all day and there’s bad stuff going on everywhere. It’s depressing!

M- Listen Cindy…

C- I can’t listen…I’m too depressed.

M- Listen to me. Did the sun rise today?

C- What?

M- Do you see a big ball of fire in the sky right now? Did the sun rise this morning? Is it shining now?

C- What? Yeah, of course the sun is shining…it always shines.

M- Do you have family?

C- Yeah, of course I have family…I’ve got tons of aunts and uncles and cousins…uh oh…..

M- Do you have friends?

C- Oh no…I can see where this is going… Yes, I have lots of friends… all over the world.

M- Do you have clothes on your back? Shoes on your feet?

C- Yes.

M- Do you have a roof over your head? Did you eat today?

C- Yes and yes.

M- Are you healthy?

C- Yes.

M- Then shut up.

C- You’re right. You’re 100% right. I was just doing a bit of self-absorbed rambling.

M- Self what?

C- Self-absorbed rambling. That means I was only thinking about myself. I was wallowing in self-pity for a moment there.

M- Well, snap out of it and look on the bright side because today is a beautiful day. Look outside, there’s not one cloud in the sky and you have so very much in your life to be joyful about!

C- You’re right, we’re here to encourage, uplift and support our listeners…not bum them out by depressing them.

M- That’s right, no one is going to listen to our podcast if we bum them out!

C- Ok, let’s turn this thing around. Ask me again…ask me how I’m doing.

M- Sigh…

C- Come on, ask me …ask me again!

M- How are you today, Cindy?

C- GREAT! Couldn’t be better! I feel like I’m on top of the world!

M- On top of the world? So, you’re not depressed anymore?

C- Nope, I’ve had a complete change of heart and instead I’ve now got a positive attitude and a joyful heart.

M- A complete change of heart. Well, I’m glad…that’s music to my ears!

C- I mean, there is just so much to be happy about in life!

M- That’s true!

C- Good friends…

M- Yes!

C- Supportive family…

M- Absolutely!

C- Sunshine!

M- Definitely!

C- Laundry detergent is half price this week at the supermarket…

M- Really? Is that what brings you joy? Half-priced laundry soap- and you’re over the moon with happiness?

C- I’m really a simple girl at heart. (laughs) It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Marta, what brings you joy? What makes you happy?

M-Mainly, my husband and my cat and I’m lucky because we share the same apartment so I get to see them every day.

C- That’s nice, and I can see it’s true because you’re grinning from ear to ear.

M- I’m what?

C- You’re grinning from ear to ear. You have a big smile on your face. I can see you’re happy.

M- And Cindy, what other things bring you joy? What else makes you happy?

C- Well, I love to cook and I love being able to share an excellent meal with my friends. So I’d say that’s one thing that makes me joyful: Cooking and sharing great food with friends.

M- Well, that’s something that makes your friends joyful- including me!

C- But I hate washing the dishes afterwards! A kitchen full of dirty dishes is a real buzzkill!

M- I hate washing the dishes as well, but I don’t know what a buzzkill is. Can you explain?

C- Sure, a buzzkill is anything that destroys or ruins the mood of the party. Imagine the best the party you’ve ever been to. You’re having a great time and suddenly the neighbor knocks on the door and asks you to turn off the music.

M- Oh wow.

C- That’s a buzzkill!

M- That’s it.

C- Ok, Marta let’s wrap this episode up with one of my favorite joy-related quotes!

M-Alright, let’s hear it!

C- It’s a quote from a cartoon character named ‘’Ziggy’’. Ziggy was created by an American cartoonist, writer and artist named Tom Wilson.

M- And how does it go?

C- ‘’You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses!”

M- That’s great! Thank you to Tom Wilson & Ziggy!

C- I love that quote! And to finish out this episode we’ve collected sound bites from a few dear friends talking about the special things that bring joy to their lives….

Sarah: Hello, my name’s Sarah and I’m English, as you can probably tell from my accent. I live in Imola, which is near Bologna in Italy. In the UK, where I’m from, the summer tends to come and go with every change of the wind. I really love being in Italy during the months of June, July, August and September because it makes me feel very positive to remain in the sunshine, in strong heat. It makes you really feel much more cheerful. We often enjoy good food, good wine, good conversation. So it’s very important to focus on those enjoyable parts of life and not to dwell on the negatives, I believe. And if anyone wants to contact me for translations between Italian and French and English feel free to contact me on my email address which is in the transcript. Bye Bye! sarah_lapietra@hotmail.com

Jo: Hi! My name is Jo and what brings me joy is playing the ukulele.

Freddy: Hi! This is Freddy and live music brings me joy!

M- Thank you for listening everyone we hope you have a joyful day!

C- We hope you all have a reason to use one of these joyful expressions like:

Being on top of the world, Being over the moon, Grinning from ear to ear, Couldn’t be better.

C- Come visit us on iTunes, Youtube, Podomatic, Twitter, Facebook and http://www.myAmericanfriendblog.com. We are also available for private lessons via Skype, just send us an email at: myAmericanfriendpodcast@gmail.com

M- Thank you everyone! Bye Bye!

C- Bye bye!



1. Gloomy– Depressing, partially dark, low in spirits

EXAMPLE: The weather report is gloomy today. Rain is predicted all week and temperatures are lower than normal.

EXAMPLE: What a horribly, depressing movie! It was so dark and gloomy! There wasn’t a single happy scene during the entire 2 hours!

2. Melancholy– depression of spirits

EXAMPLE: During the game a feeling of melancholy swept over the crowd as they realized their favorite team would not win the world championship.

3. “I can see where this is going’’– I can predict the end result

4. To have ‘’a roof over your head’’– to have a home, a place to live.

EXAMPLE: My father works very hard, seven days a week, so that he can provide a roof over our head.

5. To be ‘’self-absorbed’’– to be concerned only with only yourself.

EXAMPLE: My sister is the most self-absorbed person I know! She only cares about her own happiness with no regard for anyone else’s feelings!

6. Rambling, to Ramble– to talk endlessly without making sense, without making a point

EXAMPLE: Will you please stop talking! All you’re doing is rambling without making a clear point. You’re wasting my time.

7. “Wallow in self-pity’’– Merriam Webster defines as: pity for oneself; especially: a self-indulgent dwelling on one’s own sorrows or misfortunes

EXAMPLE: Stop wallowing in self-pity! There are a lot of people who are worse off than you. You should stop thinking about yourself and instead try to help to people who are less fortunate than you.

8. “Snap out of it”- change your attitude, mood

EXAMPLE: I know you’re all feeling defeated right now, but you’re going to have to snap out of it

if you want to turn things around, win this championship and take home the trophy!

9. to ‘’bum someone out’’– to depress them, to discourage them

10. ‘’I’m on top of the world!’’– to have a very positive attitude, to feel very happy

11. ‘’I’ve had a change of heart’’– To change one’s attitude or mood.

EXAMPLE: My grandmother has always been argumentative and hard to deal with, but she’s had a change of heart in recent years. Now she’s mellow and really quite pleasant to be around. The family can now enjoy many happy moments together around the dinner table.

12. ‘’That’s music to my ears!’’– to hear welcome news, good news.

EXAMPLE: I’ve won the scholarship to my favorite university!

ANSWER: That’s music to my ears! That’s fantastic news!

13. to be ‘’simple at heart’’– to be made happy, content with simple pleasures, acts.

EXAMPLE: I suppose I’m a simple girl at heart, I don’t like jewelry or shopping. I prefer going out for pizza with my friends or to spend the day fishing with my grandfather at the lake.

14. Buzzkill- something that ruins an enjoyable situation

EXAMPLE: My brother is such a BUZZKILL! Last night, my girlfriends and I were having so much fun while listening to music and eating pizza when all of a sudden my stupid brother barged into the room and started playing his video game in during the party! He’s so self-absorbed, he only thinks of himself!

15. To be ‘’over the moon’’– ecstatic, extremely happy.

16. Grinning from ear to ear- to have a big smile

17. Couldn’t be better!- so happy that it is impossible to be happier.

EXAMPLE: Hi Susan! How are you today?

ANSWER: Great! Couldn’t be better! I got that new job I applied for and I start work tomorrow. My life is really going to change for the better now!

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