37 CHEATING – podcast episode 37 – transcript

This episode is about CHEATING.  Learn new expressions, such as: “I smell a rat”, or “it sounds fishy”, “a dodgy deal”, “a con-artist” and many more.

Here’s the transcript, enjoy!


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Marta- Today we’re talking about ‘CHEATING ‘’

C- We’re talking about Cheating and being dishonest on all levels, from cheating someone in business to cheating on your partner.

M- Sadly, cheating is a common thread throughout our daily lives!

C- You really need to be ON YOUR GUARD! You need to be cautious and KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for unsavory and dishonest characters!

M- What got you thinking about cheating?

C- Well, I don’t want to DRAG ANYONE’S NAME THROUGH THE MUDthat means I don’t want to say bad things about someone and destroy their reputation. I don’t want to drag anyone’s name through the mud.

M- Wow, what happened?

C- Okay, I’M NOT GOING TO NAME NAMES but we were in a popular resort town in Italy last week.  It was a hot day so we stopped off for an ice cream and some cold water. Our server returned with 2 two filthy water glasses marred in greasy fingerprints….

M- Ewww!

C- …and my ice cream was covered in brown, rotten sliced strawberries.

M- That’s gross! Maybe they were raisins?

C- Nope, they were strawberries…and it cost us 16 Euros! J

M- What a RIP-OFF! They really took advantage of you two tourists.

C- But it immediately made me think of a wonderful idiom: SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL!

M- Shooting fish in a barrel.

C- That means something is really easy, there’s no challenge to it. This ice cream shop has customers all day long, simply because of where they are located. The customers just FALL INTO THEIR LAP and they probably couldn’t care less about providing good service or decent food- they’ll make money no matter what.

M- That’s terrible!

C- No, it’s not terrible because we’re going to turn a negative situation into a positive and do a whole podcast about it! J

M- I like the way you think! J

C- Believe me, by the time I had picked off my last decrepit strawberry I had a whole episode in my head!

M- So where should we begin?

C- Let’s begin with the dreaded TOURIST TRAP!

M- A tourist trap.

C- Tourist traps are located all around the world and they’re designed to take your hard earned vacation money and give you bad service in return.

M- Restaurants can be awful tourist traps!

C- Uh huh… Tourist trap-type restaurants are eating establishments, located in major tourist destinations, which target travelers. They’re a total rip-off. They offer bad food, lousy service & high prices because they know that chances are they will never see your face again. This is why I always check online for restaurant suggestions and reviews before I waste my money on vacation.

M- Be careful because some vacation destinations can be filled with CON-ARTISTS looking to SWINDLE you out of your hard earned money!

C- A con-artist is a dishonest person who intentionally tricks or deceives people in order to take their money.

M- A con-artist cons people out of their money.

C- …and con-artists are everywhere, they can be found in every type of business! I’m immediately reminded of two SHADY car dealerships I had purchased vehicles from. If we call someone ‘’shady’’ that means they are untrustworthy..

M- Yes, and everyone if you are buying a car please be sure to purchase from a reputable, reliable car dealer.

C- That’s very important. Do some research, check online reviews and talk to friends who have purchased cars. Don’t do business with shady, disreputable, dishonest car dealers… like I did!! J

M- Cindy, what happened with your car? Was it a DODGY DEAL?

C- I experienced two dodgy deals! They were both bad deals! One car died at the end of the street when I drove it away and the other cost me thousands of dollars in repairs just in the first year.

M- They were dodgy deals!

C- They were! J But, thankfully, THEIR REPUTATIONS CAUGHT UP WITH THEM and neither one is in business today! We’re safe! J

M- We all need to be aware and make careful business decisions with our money.

C- Be cautious of ‘’GET RICH QUICK’’ SCHEMES and deals that ‘’SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’’.

M – If something sounds too good to be true… it is !

C – If a business offer promises to make you a millionaire overnight then I would say ‘’IT SOUNDS FISHY’’– that means it doesn’t sound right. It sounds suspicious.

M- It sounds fishy. Got it.

C- We can also say: ‘’I SMELL A RAT!’’

M- I smell a rat.

C- Just one rat…I smell a rat. You would never say ‘’I smell rats’’ , plural, that means you can actually smell rodents. Which is pretty bad, but we’re making references to cheating today…

M- Not rodents.

C- When something sounds wrong, when you suspect someone may be lying to you and the story doesn’t seem quite right…

M- I smell a rat!

C- Exactly!  Often times we can decide whether someone is dishonest or not just by looking them in the eye. If sometime fails to maintain eye contact, if they keep looking over their shoulder nervously- be careful. We call them ‘’SHIFTY-EYED’’ and it means exactly that- their eyes ‘’shift’’ or move from place to place. The eyes are the window to the soul! So pay attention to them!

M- So Cindy, if someone looks mean, shifty-eyed and nervous they may be lying or generally untrustworthy.

C- Uh huh, and this brings us to our final subject- CHEATING ON YOUR PARTNER!

M- Cindy, what do you call a man who cheats on his girlfriend or wife?

C- Low down dirty good for nothing low life sleaze ball loser rat bastard !!!!

M- Uhm?? That’s a bit complicated. You need to simplify that…and then go to anger therapy.

C- J I’m just joking. And by the way- girls cheat too. Both sides can be guilty in love. I know.  I’ve been reading those Hollywood gossip sites. There was that super famous Kristin what’s-her-face who cheated on her boyfriend Robert something-or-other?

M- You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

C- No. Actually, I don’t. Hey, do you remember Shaggy, he’s a Jamaican-American performer? He had a huge hit song in The States all about cheating! It was sort of a catchy hip hop- reggae fusion style song.

M- That’s right, it was called “It wasn’t me”  and  it came out in 2000.

C- Great song! Y’know Marta, we’re making light of the subject of Cheating by playing Shaggy.

M- You’re right.

C- Cheating on your partner really isn’t funny. People get hurt and families are destroyed by it, so everybody think twice about the consequences before you stray from your relationships.

M- An extra-marital affair could have a very serious ripple effect.

C- An EXTRA-MARITAL AFFAIR is a relationship outside of marriage. A RIPPLE EFFECT refers to the waves in the ocean. When a large object, like a boat, passes though the water the waves generated by that boat can be felt all the way to the shore.  That’s a ripple effect.  Our actions affect not only ourselves but those around us as well.

M- Well said.

C- Thank you!


C – Well everyone, that’s it for today. Thank you for listening and we hope you’ve found this episode useful.

M- …and remember- stay away from tourist traps!

C- …and shifty-eyed characters!

M- Thanks everyone!

C- Stop by today and say hello on our Facebook page or on our blog at www.myamericanfriendblog.com. You can also download this episode and past episodes of ‘’my American friend’’ on  Podomatic.com  and  iTunes. We’re also on Twitter and we are now available for private lessons via Skype. Just email us at myamericanfriendpodcast@gmail.com  and we’ll respond with all the details.




As defined by Merriam Webster:

a : to practice fraud or trickery

b : to violate rules dishonestly <cheat at cards> <cheating on a test>

c : to be sexually unfaithful —usually used with on <was cheating on his wife>

d : to position oneself defensively near a particular area in anticipation of a play in that area <the shortstop was cheating toward second base>

2. To be ‘’on your guard’’to be cautious, to watch out carefully, to be aware of your surroundings and ready to deal with a situation.

EXAMPLE: It’s important to pay attention and be on your guard when walking through certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles at night. There are some parts of the city that are quite dangerous after dark.

3. To ‘’keep your eyes peeled’’to keep your eyes open, to be cautious, alert, aware, attentive.

EXAMPLE: Keep your eyes peeled for a gas (petrol) station! The car is almost out of gas. We must find some fuel soon- otherwise we’ll have to walk home!

4. To ‘’drag someone’s name through the mud’’- To publically speak ill of someone, to say impolite, bad things about someone and destroy their reputation professionally or personally.

EXAMPLE: We ate dinner at a terrible restaurant last week!

ANSWER: Really? Which restaurant was it?

ANSWER: I’m not going to drag anyone’s name through the mud by mentioning the name of the restaurant. It wouldn’t be fair. The staff was very nice and maybe the food will be better the next time we visit.

5. ‘’I’m not going to name names’’- I’m not going to identify anyone by mentioning their name.

EXAMPLE: You arrived home very late last night. Were you on a date? Who were you with?

ANSWER: Sorry, but I’m not going to name names. I’m going to keep that private. I never talk about my personal life and who I am dating.

6. Shooting fish in a barrel- something is very easy to do, no challenge.

EXAMPLE: There is a new ice cream shop in town. It opened across the street from the high school! The ice cream is delicious and the shop earns a lot of money. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, every day after school the students, teachers and parents all line up to buy ice cream! It was a very good business decision to open a shop where everyone enjoys ice cream! The shop has been a great success.

7. Fall into your lap- if something just ‘’falls into your lap’’ it means you didn’t have to work hard or long to earn it. It came easily to you.

EXAMPLE: How did you get this excellent job?

ANSWER: Honestly, my supervisor, John, is a friend of my family. When I graduated from university, my mother told him I needed a job. John hired me 2 weeks after I graduated. So, I guess you could say this job just fell into my lap. I am very grateful to John for giving me the chance to prove myself worthy of this opportunity.

8. Tourist trap- a business designed to attract tourists while giving them little value for their money. Some restaurants in popular tourist destinations are famous for being tourist traps.

EXAMPLE: On our first night in Paris, we ate dinner in a total tourist trap! It was a restaurant located near the Eiffel Tower and it was filled only with tourists. The prices were high, the food was terrible and the service was even worse. On the second night, we dined in a corner bistro near our hotel. It was filled with local French people, the food was excellent and the prices were very reasonable.

9. A ‘’rip-off’’- a bad deal, when the money you have paid for a purchase does not match its value.

EXAMPLE:  That hotel charges an extra $35.00 per person, per day for a buffet breakfast. It’s a complete rip-off! The food is awful and it’s very expensive. You’re better off going to the coffee shop for a nice pastry and a fresh cup of coffee for $3.00. Save your vacation money and spend it on entertainment instead.

10. Con-artists/con man- People who try to cheat you out of your money.

EXAMPLE: Don’t ever buy a car from that car dealership! The owner is nothing but a con-artist. His cars are in terrible condition and you will be very sorry if you purchase a car from him.

11. To be conned- to be taken advantage of, lied to, deceived, tricked into giving up your money.

EXAMPLE: My grandmother was conned out of her entire life savings by an unscrupulous, deceitful lying business man who promised to invest her money wisely. In the end, she lost all of her money because of his bad investments. Now my grandmother lives with us and the business man is in jail.

12. Shady- untrustworthy, suspicious.

EXAMPLE: What do you think of your sister’s new boyfriend?

ANSWER: I don’t know, he seems kind of shady to me. He has no job, yet he wears a big gold chain, drives a nice car and his clothes are very expensive. I think he’s involved in some kind of shady business dealings. I don’t trust him.

13. Disreputable- to have a reputation for bad business, poor customer satisfaction, low quality merchandise.

14. A dodgy deal- a bad or deceptive business deal.

EXAMPLE: The mayor was eventually convicted and went to jail for his many dodgy deals and unscrupulous business practices in the city. He & his associates were taking bribes from everyone and stealing money from city funds since the first day they took office!

15. Their reputations caught up with them- EXAMPLE: After years of deceiving customers and selling poor quality automobiles, their reputation finally caught up with them! That awful car dealership finally went out of business because everybody knew they were crooks! Eventually, no one would a car from them! They had a terrible business reputation in this town!

16. A ‘’get rich quick scheme’’- a suspicious business deal that promises to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

17. It sounds too good to be true- EXAMPLE:Yesterday, I got an email announcing that I had just won a new laptop. I knew it was ‘’too good to be true’’ so I quickly deleted it for fear that the email contained a virus!

18. ‘’ sounds fishy’’it sounds suspicious.

EXAMPLE: I’m sorry, but your explanation sounds fishy. I just don’t believe you. Your excuse sounds highly unlikely and I think you are lying to me.

19. ‘’I smell a rat!’’- something sounds suspicious, I think someone is lying/deceiving/stealing etc..

EXAMPLE: I smelled a rat when I noticed that some of my jewelry went missing. Our babysitter was stealing from our family!

20. shifty-eyed- when a person has ‘’shifty-eyes’’ they look untrustworthy because their eyes are always looking about the room, they look nervous, mean, deceptive and will not keep eye contact with you.

EXAMPLE: I don’t think you should buy jewelry from that store. The owner looks shifty-eyed and untrustworthy. His diamonds are probably fake!

21. To cheat on your partner- to have a physical relationship with someone other than your husband, wife, partner.

22. Extra-marital affair- a relationship outside of marriage

23. A ripple effect- a large effect generating from a single point (refers to waves in the water)

EXAMPLE: When one student became disobedient there was a ripple effect throughout the classroom. As a result, all the students became noisy, unruly and disobedient. The teacher threatened to give them 10 extra pages of homework if they didn’t behave. The students quickly calmed down and order was restored in the classroom.

24. Making light of the subject/ to make light of something-  to make jokes in the face of a more serious situation.

EXAMPLE: Sorry, I know I’m making light of this situation by making jokes about your girlfriend leaving you- but hey, you’ve been depressed for DAYS! I’m just trying to cheer you up!


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