38 ANNOYED – podcast episode 38 – transcript

This time our episode is about being ANNOYED.

“being sick and tired of….” , “I can’t take another minute of it” , “quit it! you’re bugging me!” , “Knock it off!”…

Here’s the transcript.

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M- Today we’re talking about being ANNOYED.
M- Cindy, it’s been an exciting time in America recently because the American Presidential Elections have just ended.
C- …and thank goodness for that! I was so sick and tired of hearing about politics, I couldn’t take another minute of it! By November 6th I think we’d all had enough.
M- Well, that’s not exactly the response I had anticipated…but ok.
C- By the time Election Day rolls around, that means by the time Election Day has arrived, we’re all annoyed and completely tired of it. It’s a circus of political ads & negativity.
M- So you…
C- …me, and probably most of my fellow Americans…
M- You were all ‘’sick & tired’’ of politics? Does that mean you were physically ill?
C- No, that’s means we were exhausted, annoyed, ready for it to stop. I’ll give you another example: I’m so sick & tired of listening to my colleagues argue. I really wish they would learn to cooperate with each other.
M- And when you say ‘’I couldn’t take another minute of it’’?
C- That means I could not tolerate another minute. Here’s another example: Please turn the music down, lower the volume! That’s it! I’ve had it! I can’t stand it anymore! I can’t take another minute of thrash metal!
M- Ok! Ok! You’ve made your point!
C- Thank you! Oh! ‘’You’ve made your point’’ that’s another great expression! It means: You’ve expressed your opinion clearly, I understand what you’re saying. ‘’You’ve made your point’’. That’s a very useful expression!
M- Well, at least something good has come from all your bitching and complaining this afternoon! You’ve got a major bug up your ass today!
C- I do not!
M- Yes, you do!
C- Do not!…oh wait a minute, let’s elaborate on that more, otherwise everyone will think I’m suffering an infestation of insects! ☺
M- Good idea! Let me repeat: You’ve got a MAJOR BUG UP YOUR ASS TODAY!
C- Thank you, Marta …and by the way everyone- don’t use that language in front of your grandmother, ok? Alright, my dear friend…what was that again? ☺ You’ve got a bug…?
M- …a MAJOR bug!
C- …A MAJOR BUG! Sorry…’’You’ve got a major bug up your ass today’’ okay, that means you’re annoyed today, not in a good mood, you’ve got a problem, something is bothering you and you’re being unpleasant to the people around you.
M- Can you use that in a sentence?
C- Ugh…you’re killing me! Alright, here’s an EXAMPLE: John’s got a major bug up his ass today. He’s been in a bad mood ever since he found out his wife was cheating on him with the mailman.
M- Got it. But, Cindy, I know there’s another bug-related expression out there: ‘’You’re bugging me’’.
C- We usually combine it with ‘’Quit it!’’ So, we would say: ‘’Quit it! You’re bugging me’’…or …’’Quit it! You’re starting to bug me!’’
M-that means ‘’Stop it! You’re annoying me!’’
C- uh huh, ‘’Quit it! You’re bugging me!’’ I always say that to my neighbor’s dog, but he never listens! ☺
M- Do you have another one for us?
C- Here’s one for all of you moms & dads out there. You can use this, for example, when your kids are fighting in the backseat and you need to concentrate on driving.
M- Ok, let’s hear it.
C- Knock it off!! Right now!!
C- Marta? Are you still here?
M- That depends, are you going to bite my head off?
C- No, I’m not going to bite your head off ☺
M- You’re starting to grate on my nerves. Now you’re starting to annoy ME! Why don’t you go sign up for a yoga class or something?
C- Oh! I’ve done it now! I’ve annoyed the woman of steel!
M- I think it’s time to call it a day and finish up here. Thanks for listening everyone!

C- Thanks everyone! Come and catch up with us later on our Facebook page, iTunes, Podomatic, Twitter, YouTube and on our blog at www.myAmericanfriendblog.com . We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!
M- Bye bye!
C- Who are you calling?
M- I’m signing you up for yoga lessons.
C- I do not need yoga!
RECEPTIONIST- Good afternoon, Sleepy Acres Mental Institution…How can I help you today?
MARTA- Yes, I have a patient…when can I bring her over?
RECEPTIONIST- We have an opening today. See you at 3?
MARTA- We’ll be right over
CINDY- Hang up the phone!

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