40 HURRY UP, SLOW DOWN – podcast episode 40 – transcript

HURRYING UP  vs  SLOWING DOWN.  Here’s a lot of new expressions included in our brand new episode:

“Shake a leg!” , “to be in a mad rush” , “simmer down!”, “to be under the gun”  and many more.

Here’s the transcript.

Enjoy!  🙂   Marta

Listen to the episode on iTunes or here:  http://info40650.podomatic.com/entry/2012-12-21T06_16_05-08_00


M – Today we’re talking about  HURRYING UP and SLOWING DOWN !


M- Hi, Cindy! How are you today?

C- I’m IN A BIG RUSH today. I’m IN A HURRY. We have to MOVE QUICKLY.

M- oh, really? WHAT’S THE RUSH?

C- Yeah, sorry but we’re going to have to MOVE IT ALONG today. I’ve got to pack my suitcase for my trip back to America.

M- Cindy, CHILL OUT, RELAX. SLOW DOWN. You still have an entire week before you fly back to America.

C- I like to be prepared.

M- ok, TAKE IT EASY…you’ll be out of here IN NO TIME. Don’t worry.

C- Thank you, I’m IN A MAD RUSH today.  I’m really PRESSED FOR TIME. There’s so much to do before leaving and the days are just FLYING BY.

M- Hmm…I’m sure you have a lot to do.

C- Oh, you have no idea!

M- Alright, just SIMMER DOWN. Don’t get nervous.

C- Ok, so LET’S GET CRACKING. Let’s get started with the podcast. CHOP CHOP!

M- (silence)

C- Come on…. SHAKE A LEG! LET’S GET MOVING. How do you turn this mic on?

M- Why are you trying to skip out on me? Why are you so anxious to leave?

C- I’M UNDER THE GUN today…I’ve got a lot of pressure on me.

M- You’re under the gun?

C- Yes…and I need to be out of here IN JIFFY. I need to leave soon.

M- Okay, SETTLE DOWN, CALM DOWN…go put your feet up and chill for a second. Relax, while I get everything readyC- Ok.

M- It’s a beautiful day today. Go look outside the window and enjoy the clouds or something.   .    (Ok, let me fix this thing here…ok, the wire,  here, ok… the volume…)

C- Are you ready?

M- No! Go sit down! What’s your problem today?

C- I’m sorry, but I have a train to catch!

M- You’ve been trying to dash out of the studio AT BREAKNECK SPEED since you got here….

C- YES! BREAKNECK speed- that means I have to go very quickly! And you just keep on talking….

M- Wait…wait a second… you have to catch a train???

C- Yes.

M- Before, you said that you had to pack your suitcase for America!

C- Oh did I? I do…have to pack my suitcase…for the train…to America.

M- There is no train from Italy to America.

C- Oh…a bus?

M- Nope.

C- Taxi?

M- Too expensive! Nice try. You’re BUSTED!

C- I’m busted! Damn!  She figured out that I was lying!

M- What’s going on? You’re lying, and I want to know why.

C- …Ok, the shoe store  at the mall is having a half-price sale.

M- What?

C- The shoe store is having a half-price sale…only for today. You can buy two pairs of shoes for the price of one pair.

M- No!? Shut up!

C- Yeah, it’s true. They even have those cool black shoes that you wanted…half-price.

M- Cindy, so why are you STANDING AROUND?

C- What?


C- huh?

M- That means: Let’s go! We’ve got shoes to buy!

C- Half-price shoes!

M- Thanks for listening everyone!

C- Thanks everyone, and be sure to take a little time and say hello to us on our blog at www.myamericanfriendblog.com! Or drop us an email at ‘’myamericanfriendpodcast@gmail.com’’- and be sure to ‘’like’’ us on Facebook. We’re also on Twitter, Youtube, Podomatic and iTunes.

M- Cindy, are you still talking?? We need to get to the mall ON THE DOUBLE!

C- ok, ok…I’m coming. Just let me get my purse!





1. I’m in a big rush today- I’m in a hurry. I have a lot to do. I have a busy schedule. I don’t have much time.


2.What’s the rush?- why are you in a hurry?


3.we’re going to have to move it along today- we have to move fast/do things/work quickly today


3. chill out-relax


4. take it easy- to relax, to calm down


5. you’ll be out of here in no time- You will be able to leave quickly, in a short period of time.


6. I’m in a mad rush- I’m in a big hurry, I must do things very quickly today, I don’t have much time.


7. I’m really pressed for time- I have little time today.


8. the days are flying by- days appear to pass very quickly, as if they are ‘’flying’’’ by


9.simmer down- calm down, don’t get excited, don’t lose your temper, relax


10. get cracking- get started quickly.

EXAMPLE: We have a lot of work to finish by the end of today, so let’s get cracking!


11. We must move quickly.

EXAMPLE: We have a 24 hour deadine to finish this project, we must move quickly.

EXAMPLE: Registration for summer classes ends January 1st. You must move quickly and sign up now, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to enroll in the summer program.


12. Chop Chop!- Hurry up!

EXAMPLE: You’re waking too slowly! Come on…chop chop! Walk faster or else we will miss the train!


13. Shake a leg- move quickly, hurry up

EXAMPLE- The movie starts at 8pm and it’s 7:30 now. Shake a leg and let’s go,otherwise we won’t be able to find a good seat.


14. To skip out- to avoid responsibility

EXAMPLE: We all agreed to share the cost of the meal, but John skipped out before the end. Barbara & Susan had to pay for his dinner.


15. to be ”under the gun”- to be under a lot of pressure

We’re all under the gun to finish this project early. Our original deadline was February 1st, but now the client has moved the deadline to January 1st! Everyone in the office is working as hard as they can to finish.


16. In a jiffy- very quickly

EXAMPLE: I’m very close to your house, I’ll be there in a jiffy. See you in 5 minutes.


17. Settle down- calm down, be quiet, relax

EXAMPLE: The students would not settle down on the last day of school. They were too excited before summer vacation.


18. to dash out- to leave quickly

EXAMPLE:  I’m sorry, I must dash out of the office early today. My daughter has a dentist appointment at 2 o’clock this afternoon.


19. at breakneck speed- at a very fast speed

EXAMPLE- That car raced through the parking lot at breakneck speed! I hope the police arrest him for reckless driving.

EXAMPLE: John ran out of the office at breakneck speed today. His wife is having a baby.


20. standing around- wasting time, non-productive, doing nothing

EXAMPLE: Will you all please get back to work, instead of standing around at the water cooler?


21. wasting time- not using time productively

EXAMPLE: You are wasting your time with John. He’s not interested in a relationship.


22. Get it in gear/ Get in gear- get organized and move quickly.

EXAMPLE: Your school grades are terrible. You’re going to have to get it in gear and study hard for the remainder of the year if you want to enroll in a good university after high school.


23. On the double- to leave quickly, immediately

EXAMPLE:  We’ll have to leave on the double if we want to be at the movie theater by 7pm.

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