42 TO HEAR vs TO LISTEN – podcast episode 42 – transcript

What’s the difference between the verbs TO HEAR and TO LISTEN ?

Enjoy!  🙂   Marta

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M – to HEAR vs to LISTEN.  We’re dealing with PERCEPTION VS INTENTION.  (sound of phone ringing)…. Uh… Have you heard that sound, Cindy?  Is that your phone ringing?


C – Yes, it is.  Sorry, Marta,  I need to take this call.


M –  No problem.


C – Hello?  Hello? Honey, can you hear me?  Honey? I’m afraid it’s a very bad line,  I can hardly hear your voice,  can you repeat that?  Wait a second… ok, now I can hear you very well. Uh uh… you took the car to the garage… is it ok now? Ok. Go ahead, I’m listening. I’m all ears. Oh, I see, you need my credit card for the bill… mmmm… how much is it?  (gasping)… Honey? I’m afraid I can’t hear you anymore….hello?   (hanging up).


M – How come that you couldn’t hear the voice exactly when they told you the total amount you’re supposed to pay?


C –  Cell phones! :))  Com’on,  let’s move on with this episode.  Here’s a good example to understand the difference between to hear and to listen:    I was listening to my favorite song at full volume when I heard my neighbors knocking on the door.    Marta, can you comment?


M – well, you’d better use earphones.  :)))   Your neighbors shouldn’t complain, though,  you have good taste in music,  I’m sure it was a great song.


C – It was! Anyway, about to listen vs to hear?


M –  You were listening to your favorite song, intentionally, actively, when you heard your neighbors knocking,  you heard a sound unintentionally, you just heard it, without wanting to.


C – Exactly.   Another example: imagine there’s a football game on TV, let’s say….Miami Dolphins VS San Francisco 49ers.


M  –  Wow,  my husband would be excited about that!


C –  Now try and tell him something important while he’s watching his favorite football team playing.


M –  Hey, darling, I have great news!   (game commentary on the TV….)  Babe… did you hear what I’ve just said?  I have great news!!


F – …what? Oh, sorry, Marta, I wasn’t listening.


M –  are you listening now?


F – Sure, baby,  I’m all ears.  (TV :  touch down Miami…)  touch down!!  Touch down Miami !!


C –  Yeah, that’s just the way it goes!   “Did you hear what I said?  I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.”   It’s not your fault, Marta,  it’s the power of American football.


M –  It’s ok.   Now how about using a few songs?


C –  Sure, let’s start with Adele   “I heard that you settled down….”


M –  In this sentence “I heard” means:   I got to know,  I found out,  I was told that…


C –  For example:  “Have you heard that Jane got married last month?”   Or   “I heard that you got promoted,  congratulations!”


M –  ok,  here’s another song:  “I heard it through the grapevine”


C –  “I heard it through the grapevine”,  it means:  I heard a rumor,  people are talking about it, so that’s how I got to know about it.


M –  And now Beyoncé :  “Listen!!”


C – Beyoncé must be angry with someone there.  If you say: Listen to me!  you’re demanding attention.   (phone ringing)  hang on just a minute Marta, oh, it’s the mechanic calling, the car must be finished.  Just a moment, I need to take this call.
…Hello?  Yes…how much? Are you f***ing kidding me?  How much? That’s a $100 job and you want how much?  No, you LISTEN to me!  I’ll be there in one hour and we’ll talk about it when I get there.


M  –  Cindy,  you scare me   :))


C – Did you hear that?


M –  Yes, I was listening!


C – Well, I’m gonna give the garage something to listen to when we’re done here.



M – And actually, we’re done here.   Ok, everybody,  we hope we helped you understand the difference between to HEAR and to LISTEN,  perception vs intention.


C – Now LISTEN UP, I’m about to tell you our website address:  www.myamericanfriendblog.com

We’ve uploaded more than 40 episodes so far…


M – And if you haven’t heard our previous episodes, HAVE A LISTEN!


C – You can hear us on youtube, podomatic and iTunes.  We’re also on Twitter and be sure to like us on Facebook.


M-  Bye bye!

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