45 SOME ANY NO – podcast episode 45 – transcript

How to use the words SOME ANY and NO.

Here’s our new episode!

Enjoy!  🙂   Marta

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M :  today’s episode is about how to use the words: SOME ANY and NO !

C :  hey, Marta, why did you choose this topic?

M :  uh..well,  I teach English in a private school here in Italy, my course is called “English Amplifier”

C :  yes, and all of your students are so nice and so smart!

M :  you’re right, they are wonderful, all of them.  And they’ve been amazing this last year,  they have improved so much.  Let me send them a big hello:  hey guys, you’re the best!

C :  Hey guys!

M :  Back to your question, some of my students at English Amplifier asked me about the difference between “some” and “any”.  And I thought that maybe it could be interesting to our listeners as well.

C :  Ok, let’s start by saying that ‘SOME’ is used in positive statements and ‘ANY’ in questions and negative statements.

M :  Right.

C :  for example :   Marta, do you have any friends in Michigan ?

M :  Yes, I do.  I have some dear friends in Michigan.

C :  And do you have any friends in New Zealand ?

M :  uhm… no, I don’t have any friends there.  I don’t know anybody from New Zealand. Not yet.

C :  Do you know anybody living in Australia?

M :  I do know somebody living in Down Under,  yes,  our beautiful friend Laura.

C : Hi Laura! Find a cute Koala bear and give him some nice big kisses from me and Marta.  🙂

M :  Ok, the main rule is clear.  SOME in positive statements and ANY in questions and negative sentences.

C :  But whenever there’s a rule, there is  also….

M :  ….the exception to the rule?

C :  Exactly.  SOME is used in questions  -instead of any-  when we’re dealing with REQUESTS  for example:  “Excuse me, could you give me some information about this museum?” or :  “Can I have some water please?”

M :  and OFFERS,  like in :  Would you like some bread?   Can I get you something to drink?

C :  Right,  again:  we use SOME in questions only for OFFERS and REQUESTS.

M :  Ok, got it.

C :  now let’s take a better look at negative sentences.  Let’s imagine …an empty fridge.

M :  how sad!  Ok, the fridge is empty…and I’m hungry.

C :  I’m sorry Marta,  There isn’t any food in the fridge.

M :  There isn’t any food in the fridge.  Not Any.  That’s  “any” used in a negative sentence.

C :  Right, but I can also say:   There is no food in the fridge.

M :  “no” stands for “not any”.

C :  when “no” is used the verb is positive.   For example:.   there isn’t anything to eat.  There is nothing to eat.   Or:   There aren’t any kangaroos in Italy.   There are no kangaroos in Italy.

M :  Laura, please, next time you visit Italy bring us some kangaroos! 🙂

C :    Kangaroos, koalas, wombats…we’ll be happy with petting any cute animals from Australia.

M :   oh, wait a second.  You’ve just used “any” in a positive sentence.

C :  yes,  when “any” is used in a positive statement it means : “it doesn’t matter which”.  For example:  “you can call me any time in the afternoon”. or:  “A mother can do anything for her children”.     Or :  Where do you want to go on vacation this summer?  We can go anywhere as long as there are beaches and sunshine.”

M :  Sunshine!  We definitely could use some sunshine here in northern Italy.

C :  oh yeah, we’ve had a most unusual and terrible winter, with a lot of snow, never-ending rain and even hailstorms lately.   Anyway, it’s May now and the weather will improve for sure.

M :  Quoting the film “The Crow” :  it can’t rain all the time!  🙂

C :  We hope so!

C : Ok, listeners,  that’s all for now.  You can find the transcript of this episode on our blog: www.myamericanfriendblog.com ,  Thank you everyone for liking us on facebook,  following us on Twitter,  watching our videos on youtube.  We have received a lot of comments lately,  we’re always very happy to hear from you.   Special thanks to :

M :  Olivier, Bairma, Gabor, Sergio, Afshin, Gertraud, Manfred, Angela, Hoa Tran, Alessandro, Igor, Letizia.  Thanks everybody!  Bye bye!

C : Bye!

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