47 AGE – podcast episode 47 – transcript

This time our episode is about AGE.

“to COME OF AGE” , “to be UNDERAGE” , “to be in one’s EARLY 30s” , “to LOOK one’s AGE”… learn a lot of expressions about age by listening to this new episode on iTunes or on podomatic :   http://info40650.podomatic.com/entry/2013-07-22T03_39_52-07_00

Here’s the transcript.
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M :   this episode is about  AGE !

M :   Hi everybody,  we know it’s been a while since we uploaded our last episode, but we’re back now.

C :   Well, listeners, it was all Marta’s fault,  she spent a whole month in the States, lucky girl- so she’s the one to blame. Just kidding, hey Marta, welcome back!   How was your trip to Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas?

M :  Amazing!  I think I’ve seen more concerts in that month alone than in the rest of my life.

C :  And you also played a couple of times, didn’t you?

M :  Yeah, when I played one of my songs in Nashville, the home of songwriting…well, I was on cloud nine!  I was as happy as a child!

C :  “As happy as a child”, right, and that takes us back to our episode about AGE.  Let’s start with CHILDHOOD, the first period of life.

M :  Ok, what’s the difference between a NEWBORN, an INFANT and a TODDLER ?

C : A newborn child is a baby boy or baby girl who is just a few weeks old, they are newly born. A newborn.  And when they are a few months old, instead they are usually referred to as infantsToddlers are babies who are learning to walk & talk, they’re between the ages of one and three years old, more or less.

M :  ok, any other words about kids?

C :  A child under school age is called a PRESCHOOLER.

M :  oh, I wish I had more memories of those carefree years before SCHOOL AGE!  Those sweet days spent in the open air, trying to feed as much wildlife as possible…

C :  were you already fond of animals back then?

M : Oh, yeah,  my childhood was all about cats, dogs, birds, lizards, frogs, hedgehogs, even mice, any little creature was lovely to my eyes and worth feeding.

C :  Well, you’re excused: you were a preschooler  and you couldn’t read the signs saying  “do not feed the wildlife”.

M :  You’re right!

C :  Let’s move on to that period of time after childhood and before ADULTHOOD: ADOLESCENCE and YOUTH.  When you attend high school or college you are an ADOLESCENT,  a YOUNGSTER.  In particular, if your age ranges between 13 to 19 (that is: you’re in your teens) you’re a TEENAGER.

M :   What’s next?

C :  Then you are an adult, in your twenties, in your thirties…  For example, Marta, you are in your thirties, right?

M :  yes.

C :  are you in your EARLY 30s, in your MID 30s or in your LATE 30s ?

M :  I am not going to reveal that,  not even under torture.

C :  ok!  Fair enough… Anyway:  to be in one’s early 30s means to be 31, 32,33, to be in one’s mid 30s means 34, 35,36, to be in one’s late 30s means 37 38 39.

M :  Ok, for the record:  I’m not old, just older,  like Bon Jovi would say.

C :  Marta I had no clue you were afraid of GETTING OLD, of AGEING.

M :  No, really, I was just kidding,  GROWING OLD implies being wiser and I like that. Plus “youth is a state of mind”,  ain’t that what they say?

C :  Yeah,  youth is a state of mind, that’s what I keep telling my back. It’s too early to give up now! J

M :  That’s the same for me!  J))  ok, let’s go on.

C :  People from 40 to 60 are usually referred to as MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE.  While people over 60/65 are called:  SENIORS or ELDERLY.    For example:  Bono Vox from U2 is a middle-aged person, he’s in his early 50s I think.   Clint Eastwood is an elderly person, he’s in his 80s.

M :  ok…for example…Sting is ….oh my, it’s hard to believe it, but he’s in his 60s now…should I call that super handsome man a senior??

C :   Yeah, I know, some people do not LOOK THEIR AGE, they look younger.

M :  Sting doesn’t look his age, absolutely not.  He’s like….ageless.   Hey, speaking of age, I have to call Ashley!  It’s her birthday!  She has finally turned 18 !

C :  Turning 18 is an important step in a teenager’s life.  That’s when you COME OF AGE.

M :  to come of age?

C :  that means to reach the age at which you have your adult’s rights.

M :  oh, I see.   Ok, wait a second, it’s getting late & I really have to call her.   (dialing).

ASHLEY:    Hello?   Hello?   (loud music in the background)

M :   Hi Ashley!  It’s Marta calling!

ASHLEY:   Marta, is that you?  I can’t hear a thing! Hello? Hang on…I have to update my status…

M :   Yeah, turn the music down for a second, please!

Ashley:  I can’t, we’re all dancing here, it’s my birthday party!

M :  yeah, that’s why I’m calling,  happy birthday sweetheart!

Ashley:   thank you!  Oh, Marta, you know who’s here?  Do you remember Christopher the quarterback?  And his cousin Spencer, oh, and Jennifer has come with her sister, she’s wearing pink and silver… why don’t you come and join us? It’s the best party ever!  And make sure to wear those silver heels, I want to show them to Debbie, she’s gonna be so jealous!

M :  Ashley,  I’m sure it’s a great party, thank you for inviting me,  I’m sorry, I have to work.   But, tell me, are you excited to be 18?   You’re not UNDERAGE anymore!

Ashley:   Yeah!  I’m an adult now!  Isn’t it cool?  Oh, and you wouldn’t believe what my mother told me this morning!!

M :  what is that?

Ashley:  oh, this is going to blow you away!  My mother told me that now I have the right to vote!

M :  (laughs) actually…I kind of …knew that.

Ashley:   oh, that is sooooo cool.  You know what?  I already know who to vote for at the next elections.

M :  you do?

Ashley:  Uh huh, I do!  Now that I’m 18 I know all about politics and politicians and political…stuff….  My mother always rumbles on having a female President,  like it’s time for a woman to be in charge and gender equality –or…quality?-…whatever.

M :   so who is your candidate?

Ashley:  ok, are you ready? Rihanna…I know, I know. It’s a good idea, right? Because she like always looks good, no matter what she wears. And that’s like soooo important for a First Lady. She can like be a blonde, she can be a redhead….I need to put that on my status.

M :  Ashley?  I’m sorry it’s a very bad line, I can’t hear you anymore…

Cindy:   well….that’s Ashley!  She doesn’t seem to have grown up a lot, does she?

Marta:   oh my, I’m afraid she’s 18 but she still behaves as if she were 14 or so.

Cindy :  She’ll figure it out eventually…hopefully. Hey, that reminds me of another expression:  TO ACT ONE’S AGE, to behave according to one’s age.

Marta:   like in that song by Prince, “Kiss”.  It goes: “ACT YOUR AGE, not your shoe size”.

Cindy:   yeah, what is your shoe size Marta?

Marta:   9

Cindy:   so act your age (thirty something), don’t act like a 9 year old!

Marta:  act your age, got it.

Cindy:  it’s a good rule!


C :  Ok, listeners,  that’s all for now.  You can read the transcript of this episode on our website: www.myamericanfriendblog.com , Thanks for liking us on facebook,  following us on Twitter,  watching our videos on youtube, and listening to our podcast on iTunes and Podomatic.

M: See you soon!

C:  Bye bye!


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  1. Great podcast! Thank you!

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