49 DEATH the HALLOWEEN episode – podcast episode 49 – transcript


“to SCARE TO DEATH”, “to be BORED to DEATH”, “to come to a DEAD END”, “to be a DEAD RINGER for”… learn a lot of expressions about death by listening to this new episode on iTunes or on podomatic :

Here’s the transcript.

All the best,   Marta


Marta: Today we’re talking about DEATH: The Halloween Episode!

Marta: Hi Cindy! Happy Halloween!

Cindy: Happy Halloween Everyone! (muffled)

Marta: What?

Cindy: (muffled) Happy Halloween Everyone! (spits out fake Dracula teeth) I said, Happy Halloween Everyone!

Marta: What in the world are you wearing on your teeth?!

Cindy: These are my Dracula teeth! (Cindy puts teeth back in) For Halloween!

Marta: Take those out! I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WITH YOU looking like that! They’re horrible!

Cindy: All right, all right! I’ll take them out.

Marta: Where did you buy those, at the 99 Cent Store? Do not wear those outside of this studio because…

Cindy: I know, I know “…because you wouldn’t be caught dead with me wearing them.” That means she’s embarrassed to be seen with me.

Marta: Yes!

Cindy: Ok, but hang on a second. Now I need to go brush my teeth. My mouth tastes like plastic. Watch my pet Scorpion while I’m gone. (sound of scorpion falling on desk)

Marta: (screams)

Cindy: Come on! just watch my pet Scorpion while I’m gone.

Marta :  Are you trying to SCARE ME TO DEATH!? You know that bugs scare me to death!

Cindy: Happy Halloween! I need to go brush my teeth. Relax, it’s not a real Scorpion…look!…he’s only rubber!  Touch it! Touch it!

Marta: Is there anything left at the 99 Cent Store? Or did you buy every last disgusting thing in there?

Cindy: Happy Halloween (sound of footsteps walking away)

Marta: That girl is going to scare me to death! Yuck! Scorpions!

Cindy: (footsteps return) Ok, I’m back. Are you okay?

Marta: Empty your pockets! Do you have any other disgusting things with you?

Cindy: No, nothing. My pockets are empty. I swear.

Marta: You promise?

Cindy: Promise.

Marta: Good!

Cindy: Y’know, I just didn’t want you to be BORED TO DEATH!

Marta: BORED to death?

Cindy: Yeah, you’re here in the recording studio, day in and day out. I was worried you might be tired of it, bored to death? Mr. Giant Scorpion is here to keep you company!

Marta: Boredom is not the problem!

Cindy: Check out our Facebook page later everyone and I’ll post a picture of Mr. Giant Scorpion.

Marta: ….and then Mr. Scorpion is going to disappear for a very long time.

Cindy: You’re a bug hater. Hey Marta! I do have one more thing in my bag and it’s not disgusting!

Marta: Oh, thank goodness!

Cindy: In fact, it’s pretty awesome! I have in my hands your new album 12n (Twelve Notes) “Country Made in Italy”. It’s a fantastic album! Congratulations you did a great job! I love it.

Marta: Well, thank you! I’m so excited about this new album.  We’re shooting the videoclip right now. It’ll be out in a month.  I think everybody’s going to enjoy it.

Cindy: And how can we view the video when it’s ready?

Marta: on our youtube channel.  It’s 12ntv. 1 2 n t v.   go check it out, there’s the making of of the CD, we had such a great time in the recording studio.

Cindy: And I love the cover photo and the mini-poster inside. You look hot!

Marta: Thanks, we had a lot of fun doing that photo shoot.

Cindy: The photo is beautiful. YOU LOOK DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!

Marta: Drop-dead gorgeous.

Cindy: We say ‘’drop-dead gorgeous’’ to say that somebody is really beautiful, stunning, drop-dead gorgeous!

Marta: For example?

Cindy:  For example…Marta looks drop-dead gorgeous on her new album cover! (laughs)

Marta: And what about my husband? I think he looks so handsome in his cowboy hat & boots.

Cindy: Bellissimo! Very handsome! It’s amazing because when he wears that cowboy hat, he is a DEAD RINGER for Tim McGraw the American country singer.

Marta: A dead ringer for Tim McGraw. That’s good right?

Cindy: Yes it is! That means he looks just like Tim McGraw. He could be Tim’s stunt double! He’s a dead ringer!

Marta: He’ll be happy to hear that!

Cindy: And when he does his impression of Johnny Cash singing the country western song “Ring of Fire” he is DEAD ON!

Marta: So if we say ‘’His impression of Johnny Cash is dead on.” That means he does an exact impression of Johnny Cash, he sounds just like the real Johnny Cash.

Cindy: Exactly! His impression of Johnny is dead on!

Marta: He’ll be happy to hear that as well! He’s a big fan of Johnny Cash.

Cindy: Marta, tell everyone how they can purchase this awesome new album of yours: Twelve Notes “Country Made in Italy”

Marta:  it’s on iTunes.  Just search for  “Country made in Italy” by 12n (twelve notes), that’s 12n, 1 2 n.

Cindy: Perfect. Check it out everyone. It’s a great album. Marta & FedeRock have put every bit of their heart & soul into this album and it’s pretty amazing. My compliments to you on a job well done.

Marta: Thank you so much…you’re not going to pull another giant scorpion out of your pocket now, are you?

Cindy: No!  You’re safe! But, I think the show has COME TO A DEAD END here.

Marta:  It has come to a dead end, right. It’s time to wrap it up.

Cindy: It’s time to wrap it up and end this episode. It’s Halloween and I need to get home so I can hand out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters.

Marta: Happy Halloween and thanks for listening everyone!

Cindy: Happy Halloween and come visit us on our blog at www.myamericanfriendblog.com. You can also listen to previous episodes of “my American friend” on Podomatic & iTunes. And don’t forget to stop by and say hi on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

(sound of doorbell ringing)

Cindy: What was that?

Marta: It sounded like the doorbell.

Cindy:  (doorbell rings again)  Who could it be? Nobody knows we’re here. Did you order a pizza?

Marta:   (sound of loud knocking)  No, I didn’t order anything. No one even knows that we’re in the studio.   (louder knocking)

Cindy: Don’t answer it! Maybe they have the wrong door.

Marta: Cindy! Look!   (sound of paper sliding under the door)

Cindy: Oh my gosh! It’s an envelope!

Marta: It’s got your name on it!

Cindy: And it’s written in red! Oh my gosh! Who’s doing this? Don’t open it!!!!

Marta:   (sound of Marta tearing open the envelope)    Oh no!

Cindy: What?

Marta: Oh NO!

Cindy: WHAT? What is it?

Marta: It’s from your credit card company.

Cindy: Oh (bleep)!

Marta: It says: “Dear Cindy, we regret to inform you that your credit card account has now been closed. Please destroy all your remaining credit cards. You can’t buy any more shoes. Sincere regards, Your Credit Card Company”

Cindy: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Marta: Happy Halloween!

Let’s sum up:
bugs scare me to death
he is a DEAD RINGER for Tim McGraw
His impression of Johnny is dead on
the show has COME TO A DEAD END

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