Hi, Everyone! I’m Cindy.  I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed listening to our podcast and will continue to find it a useful, informative and entertaining tool in your English journey.


Well, where should I start? I suppose you might like to know a little bit behind the American voice that speaks to you through your MP3s, computers & Smart Phones every week? My name is Cynthia, but my friends call me Cindy- that’s my nickname, a shortened version of my full name. I’m a born and bred American of mixed nationalities (like most of us in America). My father was born in postwar Sicily and came to the U.S. by boat when he was just 15. My mother is American of Slovakian descent. I was raised in New England, on the Connecticut coastline, just a 20 minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean. My father worked in construction and my mother stayed at home to take care of me in my youth, but later she attended & graduated from nursing school after I turned 18. At 21 years old, I left Connecticut and moved to the state of North Carolina near the university town of Chapel Hill. Some of you may know Chapel Hill for one of its most famous students- Michael Jordan and the UNC Tarheels basketball team!

I still own a house in the quiet countryside, but I also live a crazy Trans-Atlantic lifestyle sharing my time with my husband in Italy. Six years ago, I married an Italian man and now divide my time between The United States and Italy. In The States, my time is usually limited to summer months and holidays. I spend that time by relaxing while visiting with family & friends and reconnecting with my culture. In Italy, I work as a ‘’madre lingua’’ teacher which translates to mother tongue. I work with high school kids and also through private tutoring provide a realistic and authentic English experience. It’s all great fun. And of course, you know my voice from my collaboration with the ultra-talented Superstar Marta Innocenti on the ‘’my American friend’’ English Language Podcast.

The character ‘’Barb the Chicken Truck Driver’’ is inspired by every woman I have ever met in North Carolina. North Carolina women possess great inner strength. ‘’Ashley the Teenager’’ is inspired by the naiveté of youth and …well…EVERY teenager who doesn’t quite have her head on straight yet- but will hopefully some day!

Through this blog, I look forward to connecting with our listeners and sharing experiences. Hopefully I can shed some light, through my photos and observations, on real everyday American life along the way, beyond what is represented by Hollywood.

Thanks for taking the time to join us here on the ‘’my American friend’’ blog. I wish each and every one of you a beautiful day. Will write soon. All the best….Cindy







9 Responses

  1. hello! i am cousin of myrna your firend

  2. I really love your podcasts 🙂 … I think, that it is one of the best way how I can improve my language. You are fantastic ! Any new podcasts ? 🙂 Im so eager 🙂

    • Hi Sycka! I am so happy you have found us! It is great to hear that our podcast is providing a useful service to English learners! thank you for your kind words 🙂 Marta & I have just finished a couple of new podcasts and they will be available for download soon! 🙂 Best wishes to you today and every day 🙂 ….Cindy

  3. Hi Cindy-just “dropped in” to say hello & what a fun blog! I l lived in G. CT for 25yrs & raised 4 kids. (Children that is-not billy goats, ha ha) The four are Anita, David, Michelle & Cassendra. Sandy told me about your blog-“sweet”. Tell mom I said hello!

    • Hi Carolyn! It’s wonderful to see you here! It is very kind of you to stop by! You have four BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN who have Four BEAUTIFUL SOULS! 🙂 We send our best wishes to you today and every day…hugs…Cindy 🙂

  4. I’m from Ukraine. You have created a wonderful professional podcast. I enjoy your pronunciation and a wonderful sense of humor. Success. We need you!

    • Hellooooo Ukraine!! 😀 Thank you very much, Gena, for your kind words! We are very grateful for your support and encouragement in what we do 🙂 Have a wonderful day, best regards, Cindy

  5. I am from Iran and my job involves speaking English and writing emails all throughout the day. Listening to you guys is simply just enjoyable and your podcasts are by far the best ones over the internet. Keep up the good work..

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