53 WORK – podcast episode 53 – transcript

This time our episode is about WORK.

“the GRAVEYARD SHIFT” , “to BE SACKED” , “MATERNITY LEAVE”… learn a lot of expressions about work by listening to this new episode on iTunes or on podomatic :


Here’s the transcript.

All the best,   Marta


MARTA : This episode is about WORK !

CINDY : …really? Why don’t we talk about high-heeled shoes? or food? or music? Let’s have some fun! Are we really going to talk about work??

M: well, I know some people who are currently looking for a job abroad, they might need our help!   Let me say “Hi” to Letizia, Laura and Elda!

C : Ciao Letizia! Ciao Laura! Ciao Elda! Good luck ladies!   All right, let’s talk about work. Why don’t we start with a job interview, then?

M : a JOB INTERVIEW.   Ok, let’s imagine that I’ve applied for a job in a company that you own.

C:  OK, so, you’re looking for a job, you are the APPLICANT.

M:  Yes, I’m the applicant. I applied for the job because I’m UNEMPLOYED, I’m OUT OF WORK now.

C:  and I run a small business, I’m the EMPLOYER, I’m looking for someone to EMPLOY, to HIRE.   I called you for a job interview because I received your RESUME or I could also say your CV.

M : yes, CV, from the Latin “Curriculum Vitae”.

C : All right, are you ready Marta?

M : Yes, I’m a little nervous 🙂


C :   (Sound of a door opening) Ms. Innocenti?

M :  Yes, that’s me. Good morning!

C :    Good morning, I’m The Boss Lady, the owner of this company. It’s nice to meet you.

M : Nice to meet you too.

C :  Please come this way (footsteps). Have a seat please.

M : Thank you.

C :  According to your resume, you’ve worked in the Sales Department of a large company for quite a long time.

M :  Yes, I have many years of experience.

C : Good. Our company’s goal is to expand our sales in the European and American markets, the new employee will have to help our Sales Manager take care of our customers in Europe and in the US. The position requires you to travel once a month. Would that be an issue for you?

M : No, of course not. So, is this a full-time job?

C :   Absolutely. You will be required to work OVERTIME as well, for example, when we take part in international exhibitions.

M : I realize exhibitions are a very important part of this job. That’s when you get to meet many potential customers. It’s worth working overtime.

C : Good. I can see that you speak English quite fluently, can you speak any other languages?

M : I’ve studied Spanish, French and some German too.

C : Excellent. I’ll get in contact with you again next week and we’ll set up a second interview. If you’re chosen for this job, you’ll be paid the going rate plus benefits.

M : May I ask which BENEFITS you provide?

C :   You will be granted full health insurance and a pension plan.

M :   That’s good.

C :  I’ll get in contact with you next week. Thank you for coming, Ms Innocenti.

M :   Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

C :   Have a nice day!


C :   well, Marta, I might have decided to hire you…too bad you’re so busy doing music right now!

M :   yeah, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can take care of your customers now, I’m working on my new record and planning my next trip to Nashville, Tennessee!

C :   I know, it’s a pity you’re busy, I will have to find another person to hire, to PROMOTE, to give a BONUS to, to shower in money…

M : hey, hang on a sec… you’re talking about giving a PROMOTION, giving a BONUS? Well…maybe I could consider working for you in the end…

C :   J even if you have to work overtime? Work DOUBLE SHIFTS? Work the GRAVEYARD SHIFT?

M : the graveyard shift??!

C : yes, that’s an informal way to say the “night shift”

M : graveyard shift… mmm… no, sorry, I’m going back to writing songs and playing concerts in Nashville, I’m afraid.   🙂

C : I haven’t even hired you yet and you’re already complaining because you want some TIME OFF ? you’re not a WORKAHOLIC, are you?

M : ugh! Com’on, you haven’t even hired me yet and you’re already asking me to work double shifts! You’re a demanding boss!

C : so, what else? Do you expect me to grant you MATERNITY LEAVE because you’re about to give birth to a new album?

M : a maternity leave not for a child but for a record, that’s a good idea!   🙂

C : I was kidding, Marta. No maternity leave.

M : I’ll have to RESIGN then. Ok, here’s my TWO WEEK NOTICE.

C : no way, I’m not letting you HAND IN YOUR NOTICE. I’m FIRING you.

M : this is great, I was SACKED by someone who didn’t even hire me.   🙂

C : that might be a good subject for one of your new songs!


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1.) To “apply for a job”- to ask, to interview for, to sign up for employment

EXAMPLE: I would like to apply for the job of salesperson. I have 10 years sales experience.

2.) To hire- to employ, give a job to.

EXAMPLE: My supervisor hired 3 new employees for our sales department last week. This will help ease the workload for rest of the department.

3.) to fire- to terminate employment.

EXAMPLE: My sister was fired from her job for making too many personal phonecalls during company time. Now she’s looking for a new job.

4.) Resume or CV- a printed list of your education & work experience given to potential employers.

EXAMPLE: My mother has a very impressive & long resume (cv). She has many years of managerial experience, there are many firms that would be happy to hire her.

5.) to be out of work- unemployed

EXAMPLE: My brother has been out of work for 6 months. It’s been difficult for him to find a new job in our town. Many firms have closed and moved overseas.

6.) Work benefits- non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries for example: health insurance, paid vacation, life insurance, pensions..etc..

7.) Bonus- extra money, in addition to normal salary, usually given at the end of the year.

EXAMPLE: Every year, each employee in my department is given a $200 Christmas bonus.

8.) Promotion- a higher position, usually involving more money and more responsibility.

EXAMPLE: My father was given a job promotion last week. I’m happy for him. He is now supervisor of his entire department and he will receive a $5000 pay raise and 2 weeks paid vacation every year.

9.) to work “overtime”- to work extra hours

EXAMPLE: The entire department has been working overtime for the last month. We’re working hard to finish several projects before the end of this month.

10.) the “going rate”- the average wage paid to employees for a job.

EXAMPLE: The going rate for a housekeeper is 10 dollars per hour.

11.) to work double-shifts: to work two shifts in one day, to work double the hours you would normally work.

My husband and I have been working double shifts all year. We’re exhausted, but we’re trying very hard to save money because we want to buy a house next year.

12.) to work the graveyard shift- to work the night shift.

I enjoy working the graveyard shift at my job. It’s quiet and the company pays me an extra 5 dollars per hour in addition to my normal wage.

13.) a workaholic- someone who works a lot and rarely takes a vacation.

EXAMPLE: My husband is a workaholic. He works 7 days a week & never takes a day off to rest.

14.) Maternity leave- time off (usually paid) from work to give birth to a baby.

EXAMPLE: Unfortunately, my sister’s job does not offer paid maternity leave. This means she will not receive a paycheck during the time she is at home with her new baby. She & her husband will use money from their savings to help pay the bills while she’s at home.

15.) to resign from your job- to quit your job

16.) to “hand in one’s notice”: to give written confirmation of your resignation.

EXAMPLE: I’ve been offered a new job overseas, so I’ve decided to hand in my notice and begin an exciting new life in another country.

17.)  to be “sacked” from your job- to be fired from your job. Termination of employment.

EXAMPLE: Our department manager sacked 15 employees for stealing money from the company.